Year and Mileage

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  1. 157,xxx on the Thunderbird.
  2. 152,xxx on the 93 and 57,xxx on the 01
  3. My '93 has 84,3xx ... that's eery glowstang. And what is that red button about on your steering column.
  4. 93, 110k
    25k on my wifes 02
  5. Its the indicator led for the Python alarm/keyless entry. Yea, that is pretty eery that the mileage is so close.
  6. my 92 has 157,xxx
    only 30k is mine though
  7. 189,xxx km 30k are mine also..
  8. 128.000 on my 92
  9. year: 1993
    mileage on Turbo engine: ~150,000-160,000
    mileage on Car: ~ 210,000
  10. The 79 5.0 Capri Ghia has 265,000.

    The 89 LX 2.3 notch shows 140,000.

    The 82 GL has undetermined mileage from its undetermined previous owners, under six cylinder power. About 2500 miles in the 8 years I've been driving it with V8 power. Probably over 120,000 or so.
  11. 1991 model
    189,xxx mi. 21K on rebuilt engine. Every mile driven by a family member. The car's been in the family since new, I got it when the motor went south a few years ago.
  12. Year: 92
    Mileage: 149,350

    Last trip: 454.8 miles on one tank
    MPG: 33.19
  13. 1992 lx Hatch, 174k on the car, about 10k on the turbomotor since i swapped it in, Orignal turbo motor milage is about 80k.

  14. 1993 2.3L N/A Hatch 5speed 130k
  15. 93 2.3 n/a hatch auto 98,3xx
    89 2.3 n/a coupe 5spd 96,5xx
  16. I knew a guy who had a 92 Mustang 5 speed manual, 4 cylinder hatchback who put 368,000 original miles on the car. And he still had both the original engine and the original transmission still in the car with that mileage on it.
  17. 84 1/2 GT convert. 85,000 original miles
    89 GT hatch. 148k
  18. 95,466miles on the 88 turbocoupe.
  19. High mileage stocker

    262,000 on the '93 5spd.! :D All stock.
    Bought it for my work car and it's really paid for itself in dependable service to me too. 2 water pumps, 1 alternator, 1 starter, 3 clutches, mostly for crappy throwout bearings because the clutches were OK,(3 timing belts & 1 tensioner just for preventative maint.)
    Never had the valve cover off! Mobil 1 since the first oil change and every 5K after that. Been to Tennessee Twice, Tulsa OK twice, Las Vegas once and out to the Big Bend country in west Texas a BUNCH of times. If you change ALL the fluids regurlarly, I don't think you can wear one out!:flag: