Yearly styling changes on 2005+ Mustang

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  1. We've all seen the new Mustang design and have made our judgements. This thread questions how the factory styling will change from year to year, how different special editions/Cobras will look, and even questions the successor to the 2005 Mustang.

    If you look at the last 6 years of Mustang, the year-to-year styling changes were very minimal. Everything pretty much stayed the same except smoked headlights and enlarged scoops. Furthermore, the Cobra and special editions were very similar to all Mustangs.

    So, for the 2005 generation, do you think the car we see now will be virtually identical for the next 5 years, or will the year-to-year changes be more significant than the last generation? Do you think the Cobra and special editions will be more unique than previous generations, or will they consist of different bumper covers/badging again?

    Finally, I understand the 2005 hasn't even been released, but do you think the 2010? sucessor will be an alteration of this generation (as the 1999 model was to the 1994), or will it take an entirely new direction?

    Keep in mind, I understand performance is the major difference between a Cobra and a GT, etc. and that aftermarket kits could change styling. But, we're talking visible differences and factory here.

    I think there will be more significant changes all around. From a production standpoint, the standard models won't change too much. But, after a couple years, I think scoops or more defined lines might appear on the hood/sides, and lights will probably change.

    As for the special models and Cobra, I think they will be more distinguishable this time around. Maybe they'll have functional side/hood scoops, different front/grille, rear/exhaust, quarter window, and lights.

    As for the 2010? design, I think it will probably be an alteration of the 2005 car with a modern twist.
  2. The Mustang after 2005 will have blown hood and side scoops. And it will have rear window louvers. It will also have the Magnum wheels.
  3. how do you know that?

    As per styling changes, I do assume that in 2010? THere will be a re-bodying of the car just as the Foxes and SN95s got. It will probably be more modern as the retro would wear off. But yearly changes will be minimal. It costs a lot of money redesign cars, a lot more than in the 60s (where bodies did change every 2-3 years).
  4. Because the 99-00 Mustang GT's did not get a blown hood scoop and blown side scoops until the 3rd year in 2001. I think that the 2006 or 2007 Mustang GT will get the same thing. After 2 years or so, there will be small upgrades on the current 2005 Mustang GT. Plus, I like the GT a lot more if it gets blown scoops.
  5. Its only guesses and everyone has their own guesses.

    Only time would tell, and WHO KNOWS what the market will be like in 10years..etc.

    Maybe there wont be a Mustang.
  6. Don't say that. We always want there to be a Mustang out there so we Mustang fanatics can buy and own one. Or two and three of them.
  7. Ford without Mustang would be a sad day.

    Sadbuttrue, you bring up a good point about the 60's Mustangs. I was actually looking through a timeline and noticed how the early models differed from each other, and that was what triggered all these thoughts.

    Why could Ford create more customizable Mustangs back in the early years but can't now? If you even look at the interior of the current Mustang, it looks cheapened/mass produced in comparison to earlier years. It's just kind of funny that in today's world we're like, "Is it a GT? ...Oh yeah, it has fog lights filling in the holes."

    To answer my own question, I suppose with the increased competition, the car market is all about money today. Plus, I guess with all the electronics/air bags/etc. in our current cars, there's no money left to customize. You know...the early Mustangs were so simple, that focus could be shifted to adding comfort to the interior and creating different body styling.
  8. All I can say is that you better get your V8 power while you can. In ten years the Mustang will be either a hybrid, or hydrogen fuel cell automobile.

    Model years changes were expected back in the 60s, and all car companies revelled in their "new for 6x" offerings. It was a big deal when the new models came out each fall... Now with stiff competition from the foreign car makers, changes are smaller, more evolutionary than revolutionary, and much more expensive for the companies. Finally, consumer demand for major changes has just not been there. When a base model already comes with all the convieniences, its hard to ask for more. And yes, the car market is all about has always been about money, and always will be about money. If you go all the way back to to Henry's Ford first mass production line, all the cars were built the same, had the same options (none), and you could have any color you wanted, so long as it was black. Maybe Ford is going ALL the way back to its roots....
  9. Ten years is probably too soon... but eventually V8s in particular and gasoline engines in general will be a thing of the past. Most manufactures are looking at smaller displacements and power adders to make up the difference in the short term.

    Many of the technologies that will make the gasoline engine an antique are in their infancies now. It is hard to predict when the big change will occur and these other power sources will come into widespread use.

    As they say in the military smoke em' if ya' got 'em!!
  10. If you believe in planned obselesence, the next major styling change to the mustang will look exactly like the 2005 concept car.
  11. Dude You Obsessed with The Word Blown?

    Sounds like someone needs to get "BLOWN"! LMFAO!

    What the Hell are "Blown Hood Scoops", and Even more so, What the Fu*k are "Blown Side Scoops"? I Know what a Blower is, it's a Supercharger in car terms, but I guess in your line of work Ron, a Blower is also called a Fluffer! LOL
  12. Blown hood and side scoops are scoops that "stick out" on the car. Just like the ones that are on the 2001-2004 GT Mustangs. Blown hood and side scoops are scoops which are "protruding outwards" that are attached to the car just like the ones which they currently have on the 2001-2004 Mustang GT. I hope that I have cleared up your confusion here.

    I really beleive that the 2005 Mustang GT will look a whole lot better with the large protruding hood and side scoops. I don't care whether or not they are functional. The 2005 Mustang GT looks too PLAIN without the scoops. Just look at the 2005 Mustang. It looks nice, but to me it looks like the 1982-1985 Toyota Celica coupe without the hood and side scoops. I used to own a 1982 Celica and the sheetmetal on the side of the Celica looks almost like the sheetmetal on the side of the 2005 Mustang GT. It doesn't look ugly, but it just looks too plain and boring. There is no mean look to the side of the car and to the hood like the mean look which the 2001-2004 Mustang GT has with the large protruding hood and side scoops. I hope that Ford puts back the hood an side scoops on the 2006+ Mustang GT. I think that they will do this after 1 or 2 years of production. I like a mean looking Mustang GT. The hood and side scoops make it look mean and more like a Mustang.
  13. I vote SHAKER!
  14. I vote for actual functioning scoops!
  15. The Mustang will not be a hybrid of fuel cell vehicle by 2010. The only manufacturers that will have many vehicles like that by 2010 are Honda and Toyota. 2010 is not that far off, and there are no known V8 engines in development that use hybrid or fuel cell technology from anybody (except GM's pathetic attempt at a hybrid V8 for trucks). The Mustang will never use either technology, except as a "clean" special model to satisfy those "special" customers. In fact, we're much more likely to see a hydrogen internal combustion engine in OHC V8 layout for the Mustang. It won't be going away, and it sure as hell won't be losing the V8 as an option. As long as someone like Bill Ford is at the helm, there will be a Mustang. It's far too important an icon for Ford, and when Detroit stops producing muscle, we may as well write off the industry. GM, Ford, and Dodge (note: not Daimler-Chrysler, only the Dodge division) build cars that inspire passion in people. They build cars and trucks that fill a need greater than just "get me to point b from point a" (which is the only thing Toyota seems to understand).

    Getting back on topic, I think that yearly styling changes will be minimal or non-existant for 2006 and possibly 2007 depending on how it sells. We might see a minor refresh in '07 (like the 95-96 differences), but I doubt we'll see anything too substantial until 2010 or 2011.

    And for crying out loud, no fake scoops.