Years of interchange on the 2.3

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  1. The 2.3 in my 80' has a spun rod bearing/god knows what else.. Anyway i am wanting to do a 5.0 swap but right now i need somthing for mileage and need to know what years of 2.3's from what vehicles will swap into my 80' ??
  2. 79 to 89, it is sure that EFI Models will need some modification, due to fact that yours carbed..
  3. Shouldn't be much more than an intake manifold swap to use an EFI pre-DIS motor in a carbed application.
  4. I have a recently rebuilt 88TC motor with a stage 2 turbo waiting for the chance to show off. It made 30# of boost and was awesome to drive before I pulled it.
  5. you can also pull the motors from a Pinto or a Mustang II or a early ranger or aMerkur or a Thunderbird.
    dont do the 5.0 though. to much work anyways.

    why not just drop off the motor at a machine shop and have it rebuilt. then it will drive forever.
    why would it spin a bearing though. yours is the first I have ever heard of. atleast in a 2.3. keep her maintained and she will always get you to work. ;-)

  6. Since all these motors are the same basicly.Does that mean the C3 would bolt up right to the later model instead of the high dollar overdrive that is in the newer models?I have a 89 od car that I want to just stick a tranny in to get it going.I can get a C3 from a guy for about $100 that is in a working car that is wrecked.
  7. Turbo Flush, mine spun a bearing as well. The rubber o-ring style oil pan gasket deteriorated and the debris clogged the oil pump screen starving the motor and spinning the rod bearing on #2. It damaged the rod and crank bad enough I had to replace both. The oil pressure dropped to zero at highway speeds.

    I agree its a rare occurance, but it does happen :( :shrug: