YeeeeeeeHawwwwww! (Pics)...

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  1. Sometimes you just gotta let loose...


    Dukes of Hazzard style...
  2. looks like fun, but that cant be good for the paint. i would rather do it in a parking lot. i hope you did not chip it.
  3. After getting to the bottom of your post and seeing "Dukes of Hazzard style", I scrolled back up and went through the pics again making tires squealing on pavement sounds:rlaugh: Funny how older shows/movies had pavement tire squeal sounds dubbed over dirt burnouts:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    +1 on not wanting to do that with mine in the dirt/gravel
  4. Speaking of paint chips, you didn't happen to eat any as a kid, did you? :p

    j/k that is funny ****.

    What kind of rollbar is that anyway? That looks like it provides structural support unlike most of the ones I have seen.
  5. No paint chips. Just soft dirt, I made sure beforehand...

    But even a few paint chips wouldn't stop me from using my car the way I wanted to. It's not a garage queen... :)

    It's an Autopower rollbar, they're in San Diego and they'll install it for $800 complete. It's the real thing, rolled steel bolted and welded to the frame of the car. I figure the windshield frame won't do much if I land on my, um, roof...
  6. ya that windshield frame dont do ****. seen lots of rolled over conv :(
  7. looks like practice for when you win as a rookie on the Daytona 500 finish line doing donuts on the grass!
  8. You've got to fight...for your be stuuuuu-pid... :)

  9. AMEN!:D
  10. I guess if the stang were an old 65 without any paint on, then rock on!!
  11. No, no no!

    Please don't be a bunch of pansies with a rag in one hand, a bottle of wax in the other, polishing your car all weekend. These cars are not Lamborghinis, where it costs $5,000 to repaint the little plastic bits behind the rear wheels.

    Get out and DRIVE! In the snow, in the dirt, on the street even if there's a few rocks you have to drive around. After my drive this Saturday in the mountains around Los Angeles (see my sports car club: ) I had more chunks of tire rubber on the paint than anything. Why? BECAUSE I DROVE THE LIVING SNOT OUT OF IT!!!

    So please, no more comments about chipped paint. If I have to repaint those tiny parts of the car in a few years I'll suck it up and pay the $200 to do it.

    I put these pictures up for people to enjoy, not to worry about a scratch or two...
  12. dont worry about it man.. i do the same thing. if i get a chip or scratch oh to pay to play!:nice:
  13. I also have dents, dings, chips and scratches on mine. It is my DD and has nearly 45K miles in just barely a year and a half. I LOVE driving mine ALL the time! I've driven it in all weather conditions as well. I do like keeping it as clean as possible and also hate getting the newest blemish, but I never bought this car for a garage/trailer queen show car!

    Snow driving last year

    Snow driving this year

    The way she looked this past Saturday

    These cars are too fun to just let them sit there and look at!!!!!!! Even if I had the money for a high dollar GT500, Roush, Saleen, Steeda, etc I would still drive the heck out it:rock:
    So keep on keepin' on Gus:nice:
  14. your a brave man ;) Worth it for the cool looking pics though, I actually like the roll bar alot...really set's it off with the top down IMO
  15. Thanks! The rollbar is lightly padded and covered as well, it looks kind of naked with just bare black steel.

    No garage queens!

    So, what I'd like to see is the same set of pictures of someone doing this in a snow covered parking lot (check for curbs, first, dings are one thing, ripped off wheels is another)...
  16. mine too is far from a garage queen, 24k miles in 8 months :( bought it to drive it!

  17. Wow, that's a lotta miles...
  18. On a side note, the Mustang convertable is the only convertable to get 5 stars for its rollover score. I'd still probably add a rollbar, but the windshield frame on the mustang is pretty strong.
  19. I've seen pictures of two newer Mustang convertibles that have rolled over, and on both the windshield frame was flat to the door sills.
    There's just too much angle there...
  20. :flame:Trailer Queens.:puke:Trailer Queens :uzi: Trailer Queens :mad: Get the picture? If you want a trailer queen then go chrome out a PT Cruiser and save the gas for us guys who actually DRIVE!

    Just my .02 of course.