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  1. Hi all,

    Some of you saw my other thread. Anyway, I am going to get a Mustang GT. My first car that I have ever bought (my other car was a family hand me down).

    Anyway, I've been looking around and asking for quotes. The best I had come up with was a dealer who said "We'll do it for only $990 over MSRP" because they are in high demand.

    I was a bit dissapointed, as that is too much. So I was getting ready to try to negotiate if I could, or maybe put off buying for a bit. Then, I just got an email from a dealer who said "I don't have one coming in that matches the specifications you want, however if you want to build one I'll order it and we can do it for $500 over invoice (not MSRP)."

    Not only do I not have to deal with them trying to add extra options I don't want, but I get it for a good price.

    Sorry for this post... I'm just a little excited :D
  2. Just be careful about them adding to the price by including window etching, underbody coating, and other items like that. Don't let them put the dealer name on the back of your car either. Buy the GAP insurance if you are not making a sizable down payment. Good Luck and welcome to stangdom!
  3. Right now $500 over invoice is a great price. Why would you want to screw this dealer and shop his offer. This dealer is beeing good, just buy it from them and scew the jerks who are asking over sticker.
  4. You're right... I've edited my post (edited out the question). I have just been so one minded that I was going to have to negotiate down the price, when a dealer offered me the car at the price I wanted, I was still in the mindset of getting a better deal. $500 over invoice is fine.

    I will watch out for hidden fees though. I have a printout of what it should cost right in front of me so I can't be taken by suprise.