Yeehaw! 12.566 @ 109.31 mph

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by Gael, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. you have to change the personal best now,

    conditions were great today, spent all day down there at the Pima museum walking throught my memories
  2. Aww, wish I would've known you were down here, would've been awesome to have you there.
  3. I was there today. SIR the white mustangII right? You had some nice runs. Who runs that foxbody vert (blue/white top)? He had some good runs. I'm visiting my dad here in Tucson and he lives about 5mi from the track on Old Spanish Trail. Too bad it was the last race of the year there. I would have surely thought you guys could race here year round. Anyway, nice job. :nice:
  4. Yep that was me, hehe. For the Fox, I'm not sure if I know who it was.. I think if I remember right though, he was in the 11's?

    I think I heard he was running 2 150 shots of nitrous, one wet, one dry. He was a nice guy, talked to him in the staging lanes for a while.

    I wish we raced over winter. I think they should close us during July/August, leave winter open. They only close a month or so though, they plan to reopen on January 15th. That gives me time to do a few more things to get faster by when track opens up again. :D

    I hope you have a good time out here with your dad!
  5. Yeah it's nice out here. I just wish I had my car. It would have been a good race against your car. :D
  6. Hehe definately. Did you see this guy? He had a the silver '02 GT with the black front bumper.

    He pulled out a 12.5 run I think, the one in the video wasn't too impressive, I think that was his first run of the day.

    Looking at your sig, you guys look to have pretty similar combos.
  7. No I don't remeber seeing him. If he has similar mods to me, he should definitely be in the mid 12's. That Volvo wagon was impressive. Oh, and the bucket T was amazing. Lots of stangs at the track. Nice of the guys to let you run for free.
  8. Dude... I worship your car.... (drools)