Yellerstang now has black chrome 03 Cobra rims

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  1. The bumble bee look is now completed! :D My dad just installed a set of 17x9 and 17x10.5 black chrome 03 Cobra's on his now yellow stang. The tires are 275/40's up front and 315/35's in the rear, Summitomo HTRZ's. The rims look a little darker in the pics than they do in person.

  2. hell yeah thats amazing
  3. One hell of a tranformation on your pops car.
  4. :stupid:

    looks awsome
  5. How about a clearer picture of the rear.

    315s? Somehow I thought they would look a little wider in the rear shot. Maybe it's the angle or shadow (not being able to see the left tire).
  6. Once the entire tread section gets dirty they'll look wider in pics. That looks amazing low!
  7. Until I saw those wheels, I was sold on deep dish black bullitts. But those look amazing! I didn't even know they made 03's in black chrome. Definitely the prefect rim for that car. How'd you talk your dad out of bright chrome?

    now all it needs is a set of smoked headlights, and it'll be one sweet lookin ride :nice:
  8. oh and I'm glad you adopted my filename for the car :D
  9. These were cheaper! :p He paid $936 shipped for the rims w/tires mounted and balanced. I think the dished bullitt's would still look better, but these are really :nice:.

    The tires are 315's, but they look smaller than my 315's. I'll try to get some better pic's sometime this week or next.

    The name fits it so well I just had to use it :nice:
  10. Brighter pics...

    Thanks to Stangfreak95, here's some brighter pics of the car so you can see the rims a little better. :nice:

  11. And one more that really shows off the "chrome" part of the black chrome