Yellow 05 Crash Pics

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  1. Take a look at these..






  2. Those pics are from Brads site....hard to believe he made it out ok. :nice:
  3. were these already posted on here? I just came across them a few minutes ago.. heh
  4. Sad to see one just like me :(
  5. Ouch! Hopefully the driver made it out o.k.. I use to have a Powerstroke like that truck but it wasn't lifted to the moon!
  6. Imagine if someone had been in that back seat, like a toddler in their car seat. It is completely unsat and without excuse that the driver plowed into the back of the car. Especially after reading he was driving on a suspended license. I have no tolerance for the ****ing stupid :notnice:
  7. True. Another problem is that the F350 was lifted quite a bit so that puts his bumper at the girls trunk or higher. Look how high the ford hit the stang . . .
  8. The armor all wipes made it out ok :rlaugh:

  9. yep that was my baby!! :( :nonono: :nonono:

    the guy never made any attempt to slow down. The only tire marks anywhere on the road were the ones from my car being pushed 60 feet into the intersection.

    I am hurt, but still alive! Had i been driving my 1999 V6 mustang (yellow of course) that i sold the day my '05 came in, i don't think i would have survived.

    I will get a new one, hopefully it will be here soon! :nice:
  10. I'm glad you weren't seriously injured.
  11. I changed the thread title to something more appropriate considering the seriousness of the accident.
  12. Wow it's a miracle you're alive.
  13. Emilee -

    How horrible for you! :( But thank goodness you're okay!
    Personally, I would've killed the guy. Well, maybe not killed him - but if I was a guy I would!! :p

    Hope you get your new one soon!
  14. :stupid:
  15. Draft, I'm glad to here your OK. I do have a question. How well did the new design of the head rest work since it was a rearend collison. The ones in the previous years just sucked. Do you think it helped?
  16. Emilee - thank goodness you're safe and okay. I would have gone ballistic on his ass, albeit totally unzenlike of me.

    Man, I know you're upset about your baby...any idea of when the new one will arrive? Did the idiot driver show any remorse???
  17. Yes. Makes me sick to even think about it. I can't think of anything else to add that wouldn't be deleted by a moderator so I'll just say I'm glad the driver was ok.
  18. sorry to hear about your misfortune.
    Glad you made it out ok.
  19. actually, i'm so short (5'5) that i don't think my head even rests how it's supposed to on them.

    I will say though, if i had been driving my 1999 Yellow V6 mustang that i sold 2 weeks previous, i think i would probably be dead right now.

    My car did it's job of keeping me alive, even when the freakin truck was so raised (we think illegally past the limit) that it didn't even hit the bumper like a normal crash.

    I breifly saw him at the site before i was put on a stretcher and taken to ER Major Trauma. He did not seem like he cared at all, no remorse. He was driving on a suspended license, so who knows what he was on or doing.

    I am still in a lot of pain, my normal doctor gave me orders today to start physical therapy, massage, and chiropractics. I'm sure i'll be frequenting them for a very long time.

    It scares me that i am on massive amounts of vicodin and STILL in pain. I don't want to know what it would feel like without the vicodin.