yellow 06gt with stripes

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  1. my dads car, just got it tuesday, and had the stripes done immediately !!

    i'm posting for him, and i'm sure he'll chime in here soon.....but i'm jealous, i have a 05 black gt, but that yellow is hot !

    link to his gallery on my website

    post comments i'm sure he'd love to read them !!
  2. I'm not usually a fan of yellow cars but the on the new stangs with black stripes they look awesome.

  3. Me too, im not usually a fan of yellow, but yellow on the new stangs is hot and with the stripes even better. :nice:
  4. double p
  5. Sweet!!!! :D

    I wish my stripes went all the way to the ground like his do in the front...

    Do his stripes also go to the ground in the rear? The only tail shot I saw was before he had the stripes done...
  6. oh ya, he made sure they went all the way down....both ends, spoiler and roof
  7. Very nice looking car! I keep changing my mind on color choice, and you just moved me back towards Yellow! (With black stripes of course) :p
  8. Well I AM a fan of yellow, and there ain't a finer example of yellow than an 05/06 with black stripes. :nice:
  9. i love yellow/black, but the wife didnt want the 05 gt to match my old cougar. so black it was. the best two color choices in my book.