Yellow 94/95s!! REPRESENT!!!!

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  1. Now I know that yellow mustangs are a breed of their own. I'm pickin up my canary yellow '94 Monday. I need ideas on what I can do to it to make it look a little prettier. If you own a yellow SN95, and you got pics....lets see em!
  2. By the way, I've already taken a look at the 1994 and the 1995 sections of . I know that there are some better ones here than are listed on there. :nice:
  3. Hey... I'm listed on there!!! You should spend some time over there, they are a nice bunch of people. There's not a lot of techincal stuff, but its cool none the less. Welcome to the "bright" side.

    Here's some of mine. I can't wait to get some new shots with my S351 wing, blacked out tails, cobra headlights, and Bogart wheels.


  4. Lookin good! Dont forget to repost you new pics on here (preferably in this thread) when you get them. I really want some smoked headlights, saleen bezels, saleen body kit and I really like the s281 wing. I cant wait to start beautifyin my new yellow ride! :)
  5. This color doesn't require much of anything to make it standout!!! It's a great color... even dirty!!


  6. Love the hood! That is on my list as well...
  7. What kind of a front bumper is that? It looks similar to stock, but on the side its a little different, I don't think I've ever seen one like that before.
  8. Here's my 94 GT. Chrome Yellow w/Gold Pearl...First pic in direct sun, second in shade of my house...two quite different looks from same car...
    Also a Yellow Mustang Registry Member (#1313), but my posted pics there, are before the recent makeover (car had been re-painted in the recent past, but I had it totally stripped to bare metal, and re-finished properly)


  9. Bob, what hood do you have? I notice a lot of the cobra r hoods are "short" especially near the headlights. I don't see a hood in my near future, but someday I'd like to have one and would like to know which ones are not "short".
  10. Mine's slightly "short", but barely noticeable...


    It's "supposedly" a Cervini's, but Cervini's doesn't list a Cobra RR hood, so I honestly don't know who's hood it is, but it is a quality piece...
  11. Well, it was on it when I bought it in 94. It's actually a whole body kit and I have never seen it on another stang beit at shows or on the road.
  12. I'd like your opinions on two different matters.

    1. Le Mans stripes or no? They look good on some cars but not on others. But when they look good, they look REAL good.

    2. As far as wheels on a yellow or black?

    Basically, I like it when cars work colors to their advantage. Yellow is one of those colors that when black is added and it is done properly, looks "off the chain".
  13. Yellow and chrome/polished look increadible together. I'm not a fan of black wheels on yellow cars. I've seen them and don't care for the look.

    As for stripes, the only color to really use is black, and I saw it done once and I wasn't thrilled. I do agree that they can look really good on the right car and color.
  14. I agree....Chrome or at least polished rims...I can't imagine my car with black wheels...
  15. Heres mine.....


  16. I totally agree. I would LOVE to have a 1995 Canary Yellow Mustang GT with Black Leather and Black strips. Black and Yellow go so good together. They stand out so well. I was watchin Friday on the way home from school to see how well I could spot Yellow cars. The majority of cars are blue, green, red and silver, with some blacks and beiges. Yellow is such a rare car anywhere on the road, that all you have to do is own one to stand out from the crowd. Then, when you go and make it look even more unique, then it is a really small group out there. I hope you can make the car of your dreams dude. Post pics as you go with mods. Post a pic when you get it so we can all see what it looks like. I know it will be beautiful. :drool:
  17. rel3rd what is that a 3.5" cobra r hood or what
  18. Ice Hawk.....i think a small tear ran down my cheak after reading your post. That was beautiful dude!!!! :)
  19. That's about what it measures. Surprisingly, it doesn't block my vision at all...
  20. After a month of driving a POS Jeep, i finally have my new (used) Yellow Mustang GT!! I'm so excited...its so pretty. On the way home from picking it up I got a pesky 3.8 Mustang to rev at me and a nice yellow vette to fly by me. WOW! If only it wasnt almost completely stock. lol I think I saw like 7 or 8 yellow cars on the way home. :banana: