Yellow 94/95s!! REPRESENT!!!!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by jmuva44, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. after the wreck.
  2. Bob- Are those the tinted headlights and corners?
  3. Dude, that is one beatiful car. I like those inserts that you have in your nostrils. They look sweet. Oh, and Jmuva, thanks for the compliment. I am surprised that you saw seven yellow cars. I think that day I was talkin about I only saw like three. None the less, congrats on your new ride! :nice: Post some pics when you get a chance!
  4. Welcome to the board Gary! I like it much better over here, there's a lot less "attitude" and such here than the other place... CAr looks good as always! What size tires do you run up front?
  5. No Gary. They are what my brand new Diamond clear Cobra lamps and corners look like in the shade, and on an overcast day...:(
  6. Paul- Thanks. I am running 245/45-17's on 8" wide rims, but i am going to 225/45's next for that "almost skinny" look.

    Bob- I heard a rumour that you are having trouble with the PMS? Whats up?

  7. No rumor. I had to send it back twice for "bug removal"....
    It works great, and Doug from EFI Systems was more than fair getting it back to me promptly...Mine's also ready for the InterACQ software already. ;)
  8., beautiful car! A yellow Cobra vert with chrome bullits and a 5.0. I cant think of how it can get much better.
  9. Does anyone here know an easy way to tell if your shifter is aftermarket or not without taking all that stuff apart? I have a triax on the way but I'm beginning to think that 'maybe' my shifter may already be aftermarket. I'm just not sure. How high is the stock shifter? Is the arm of the shifter curved or anything? Just curious cuz if i have one already I'm just gonna sell the triax.
  10. Just pull the shifter boot off and the shifter cover, there's only 4 bolts holding it on. You'll be able to tell right away. And aftermarket shifter is more than just the handle, its the base with the adjustable stops too.
  11. Here are pics of mine finally.


  12. Chris the car looks good. You have wheels spacers out back it appears... it looks good with those wheel pushed out to the fender.
  13. do all 94/5 canary yellow cars have the pin strip on them ... me now like it on my car :(
  14. yeah, I bought some cheap ones off of Ebay....1-1/4" spacers. I like them! Also, i wish i could lower it a bit more but it already has a 1-1/2" drop from the H&R springs. It doesnt look very low in the pictures tho. :( I'm scraping up the cats as it is at some speedbumps. So far, since Monday, I've added pulleys, a Triax, K&N, homemade CAI, 76mm C&L, and the wheels. The timing was set at like 5 degrees! So i bumped that up to 13. WOW, what a difference so far! Prochamber is on the way.....
  15. Is mine actually canary? In the glove box there is a small bottle of touch up paint for chrome yellow....???
  16. I agree with Paul. Nice looking ride!!
    The SN95 cars look so much better with the rear tires/wheels out where they should have been from the factory. :nice:

    Is this you?>>>>>> :banana:

    LOL...j/k...sweet car.
  17. Yeah, I'm so happy with this car! I love it. And it gets so many looks. I've already gotten about as many compliments as I did with my teal '95 during the 3 years i've had it. The Mach 460 stereo is actually pretty good, the sunroof kicks butt, the 5 spd is really fun I just need to get the hang of it a bit more and I love the sound of my butt squeeking as I try to get out of the leather interior. And having new tires is always a good feeling. Kinda like getting new shoes when you are a feel faster. :)
  18. BZ paint code was called Canary yellow in 94-95, in 98 it was called chrome yellow but the paint code was still BZ. :confused: