Yellow A/C Cobra Photoshoot

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  1. Went to this New Age Muscle car meet and Then this yellow Cobra Showed up and parked all Alone. I am obsessed with A/C Cobra's and Yellow cars are sexy so i spend some time on these.






  2. Awesome pics man :nice:

    I love the AC Cobras. That is one of my "cars to have" :D , Never seen a yellow one though.
  3. seriously, you have some of the best pics i have EVER seen! you are an amazing photographer!!

    i love that car, whats it got for power?
  4. Very nice shots. Would have liked to see some ultra-low angle shots though. What gear were you using? Shutter speed?
  5. Thanks alot dude.... i really appreciate that people like my work.

    I believe that the motor was a 351 Stoked to a 390-Something.

    I am using a Canon XTi/400D with No Flash, Tripod, and stock 18-55mm Lens
  6. Those are some pretty sweet shots!

    Not trying to threadjack, but a few months back I spotted this yellow Cobra at the car wash... SD530546.jpg
    The guy said it had a 514" stroked 460 pushing 600+hp to the wheels!

    Too bad I didn't have my car, I would have got some side by sides with the Cobra!
  7. damn if im ever in California im gonna hire you to photo my car
  8. I only charge like $30-ish... Just enough to buy me some gas to get to the location and some Food :nice:
  9. Your shots are amazing bro...I need some help with my Nikon 40D... Wish Socal was closer, I would hire you to show me how to use it.....
  10. I hope everyone understands that i am a Complete amateur when it comes to photograghy. All i do is watch You-Tube Videos, Read Photography Forums, and Look at car mags for inspiration. I am in No way a Professional.

    If you wanna learn photography the best advice i can tell you is search youtube and Download a Pirated version on CS3
  11. 40D is a Canon. I think you mean D40. :D

    I understand. I'm an amateur myself and currently still using a P&S. Plan to pick up a XT body with an 18-55 IS lens or a D40 body and a 18-55 VR lens. Been studying photography for a couple years now, just haven't had the spare coin to drop on a dSLR yet. I'm working on a guys website right now and plan to pick one up with the first check. Either that or some H&R springs. lol

    Oh, and I use a p'd version of CS2. :)
  12. Go with the 17-85mm IS lens if you Go with the canon... I just pick one up to replace my stock BS lens and i Love it. It ROCKS
  13. Thats what i meant LOL:nice:
  14. Hey got those pics in higher res sizes? I'm looking for a nice background for my HTPC and I have it displayed on a 1080p 55" TV. Something that would fit nicely? I love the views at an angle!

    PM me if you'd be willing to share. If not, that's cool.

    Thanks man!
  15. Well, thinking of going with a D40 now. The Canon is just too small and doesn't feel comfortable in my hand. Money is a factor, so can't afford to drop the extra coin on a VR lens for it at the moment. May just get the 18-55 kit and then save up for the 55-200 VR later doen the road. VR isn't as important in the 18-55 range as it is in the 55-200+ range anyways.
  16. Wow. Those look great. Crystal clear! I know I've asked this before. Are these ones HDR?
  17. Man I love those kit cars. They can be made cheaply to!
  18. No, those aren't HDRs. They are just long exposure night shots.
  19. None of them are HDR... all standard Pics