Yellow Driving Lights

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  1. I've seen a couple of 2005+ GT's with yellow driving lights. Is there any point to yellow lights for visibility? Fog, anything? Or are they just cosmetic?
  2. Yellow is for FOG..

    what happens when your bright white lights are on in the fog they are blinding.. The yellow light cut through the fog so you don't see a white blur
  3. OK, thanks.
  4. i have yellow fogs on my car, my brother gave it to me as gift,
  5. Yellow 9145 bulbs are available

    just purchased some Nokya Hyper Yellow Fog light H10 (9145) Bulbs off eBay :banana:

    a big advantage in wet weather / low visability without using the yellow lens covers and a direct plug in replacement
  6. Ya know, I didnt like them at first, but with so many people makeing the mistake of my fog lights for high beams, maybe it is not a bad idea.
  7. Couldn't you swap out the bulbs to yellow ones if available Vs. White
    Ratter then doing the Yellow Film Covers ???

    "To Me" The solid yellow is a huge turn off Day or Night, but if it was a Factory Clear Len with a yellow bulb that would look that much better.

    :shrug: what do i know...
  8. yes, great idea! ....... :shrug:
  9. Yeah... I have to agree, but without being so PC. Those things are damn ugly. I like your idea with the yellow bulb, clear lense better. How much fog are we driving through?
  10. :stupid:

    Every time I see a car on the road with yellow fogs I shiver a little because it's so ugly. That's me though.
  11. I'm all for that look too ! post pics if you can when your done with install
    should look good :D
  12. The problem with Mustang fog lights is they're in the wrong place. In Europe, fog lights have to be mounted low or they're illegal because the whole point is to fire light UNDER the fog, not through it.

    The whole issue of fg lights is not so much to do with the light as the spectrum of light. Certain colours are absorbed better and don't reflect back but a lot can be achieved by a properly designed lens that diffuses light instead of projecting it into a beam.

    French cars used to have yellow fog lights but advances in design and understanding of how light reacts in fog means they no longer have them.

    The answer is to buy some fog lights and mount them low. I'm not sure why Ford don't do this in the plastic apertures next to the lower intake. High-mounted lamps will always be firing too high without a severe cut-off.
  13. gee ,,,,,,,, I wonder ........... ?
  14. Yellow/Amber lenses or bulbs do little to cut fog. Just another hyped JDM trend, that for some reason is once again gaining momentum.


    Case in point.

    But early 90s trends do repeat for weird reasons, can't wait till slap bracelets come full circle. :banana:
  15. Back in the old days (late 60's) I always had yellow fog lights...they would not reflect the snow/rain/fog as much as bright white and you could definitely see much better...
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  17. all of a sudden I want to go to the store and buy yellow bulbs?
  18. Ive always liked the yellows in all my cars i drove my last car i actually had yellow headlights but now they changed the law so i have HID white headlights and yellow driving lights.


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  19. yellow lights kills the overall look of your car you had going..:bang:

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