Yellow Fog Lights?

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  1. Iwashmycar has yellow lenses...
  2. When did you HID's????
  3. :D About a week ago.

    I also bought a FMS 70mm TB, Trick Flow plenum, ASP pulleys and a CAI.

    All that plus the HID's for about $400

    Nothing is actually installed yet. I just rigged up the HID's to try them out for a couple nights and then took them out so i can mount them cleanly with some brackets i'm gonna make.
  4. Nice.... :)
  5. I wanna get a catted mid-pipe and an SCT Xcal2 and then install everything at once and see what it does.

    I need tires first so that's next. I'm in the middle of working on a deal for some chrome '04 Cobras with tires with 8K miles on the setup.
  6. yea i have them on mine, will show u pics when it gets dark out if im home

  7. cool i'd appreciate it!
  8. After I got HIDs everyone copied me...oh least i am a trend setter

    I have the same problem. I have wanted to do yellow Fogs since i got the HIDs in my car but i dont know if it will look rice or not. Can someone post some pics.

    There are pics of my car photoshoped with Yellow Fogs....What do you guys think?
  9. Yellow Fogs don't do anything performance wise...

  10. yellow fog lights look like CRAP. :puke:

  11. Well the stock fogs do very little as well.

    I was concerned with just visual impact.

    The bulbs are only $20/pair. If i bought them to try out i could always put the white silverstars back in.

    I just wanted to see if anyone had pics of this done already. I kinda do like the look of it on Lexus's but their fogs really look a bright yellow. If yellow bulbs ina clear housing looks like crappy yellow then i'd stick with white
  12. i have the yellow fogs with HID's on my lexus and i like it.
    White fogs are worthless in the rain where the yellow actually will still reflect off the road. I only use my fogs in bad weather thats why i prefer the yellow.
  13. i have those yellow fogs and i like them but they kinda look like dirty fog lenses with the stock fog lamps. Get the clear ones if you go yellow