Yellow Fogs (easy upgrade)

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  1. :banana: Go to your local art store. They'll sell you a sheet of film that'll be fit to cut three pair of lenses. Just cut the circles w/sisors and pop 'em in. they wash up nice andlook awesome on or off day and night.
    cost? $5.

    see them in the garage, I cant seem to get the pic in this section.
  2. Sorry but :notnice: . I like them white..... :shrug:
  3. thats why we live in the free world
    I bet the split will be about even...
  4. I don't really like them either, but as long as you like them then it doesn't matter. To post pics go to, you have to fill a few things out but it is free and then you can upload pics to the forum. That way you can put more pictures up and give us a better idea of how they look.
  5. official ford racing parts, see their catalog online
  6. What is with all the decals on your car? You road race it? :shrug:
  7. rickman,

    A+ and a huge applause for the ingenuity of the idea. I love people who come up with ideas like that. I actually think it is pretty cool. The nice thing is that it is an easy change out if you decide later to do something different.

    I have said many times in other links that I am a staunch believer in "to each his own". I do not subjugate my personal preferences on others. If you like it, then 100% - A+. Your initial post simply advised us of the technique, I saw no request for opinions.....sometimes, as my dad and mom have always said... "If you do not have anything nice to say....don't say anything at all."...

    I am curious as to the stickers, myself. Do you take it to the track at GT/GTS circuit road events?

  8. Right on! yes I love to drive SCCA Solo, MCCI road events, even Drags.
    1st last yr scca f stock, 2nd mcci road racing, and made it to the semi-finals from among 30 cars in a mustang vs camaro shootout.
    she's got 800 miles on her since 3-24 and she'll be ready for racing by the time the first event flag flies!
  9. Cool. :nice:
  10. AWESOME! I am spending my day relaxing watching the GT/GTS races on SPEED.. Right now, watching the GT at Ft. Lauderdale..... the new GTO is holding well to the Vipers, 911 GT3 and Corvette C-6... Even have a Cadillac CTS-V in the first 10... LOL ...I am pretty surprised... My favorite Road Racer is Boris Seid...... He is a multi-car, multi-faceted driver. LOL

    I respect and love F1/CART and NASCAR, but for me, there is nothing better than taking a nearly stock vehicle and road racing it. It really shows the difference in the Driver capability versus vehicle set-up. :flag:

    You are the man! :hail2:

  11. Yee Haa!
    back atcha waddya know we got speed here in iowa too, better than a round race at Martinsville. ya gotta love road courses and World Ralley racing, eh?
    gonna try your hand at SCCA Solo? A chapter exist near you wherever you live. :cheers:
  12. :OT: (FYI>>> LOL.. Sorry I stole your thread to chat road racing)

    I had seriously considered it when I had the 03 GT. Life just happened to redirect me to caring for an ill mother (which is very costly both in time and money)......

    I like NASCAR at times, I prefer the restrictor plate races. The vehicle pits and set-ups are my favorite part of the races, so I pop in around the pit intervals to watch and the last 50 laps of so.

    Road racing just kicks butt. Schwing..... As for World Rally.... I have to admit that it does pique my interest. The navigator/track caller and driver team is amazing to watch and the courses are deadly at best. LOL.....

    I love to watch the Drakar (spelling?) race. Funny to watch those guys in the desert in a Mitsubishi and fixing a broken suspension c-clamp with their shoe or whatever they can find.... LOL....

    The GT at St. Petersburg just finished (I said Ft. Lauderdale earlier.... I was wrong... It's at a temp track in St. Petersburg this year).....Cadillac CTS-V got 5th..... I would love to have one of those... If I had $55,000 to blow I definately would get the Caddy. Right now it would fit my life better than the Stang.

    Of course the Vipers (Archer) got 1st and 911-GT3 (R. Liddel) 2nd. GREAT race..... Insane temporary circuit. LOL.... Road Atlanta is next weekend....

    Off to watch MotoGP - Motorcycle racing now..... COME ON N. HAYDEN!!!!!

  13. I hear ya Jenn. I think one of my favorite moments it racing was during an FIA World Rally event in Italy (I think) many years ago. Colin McCrae (my favorite rally driver at the time) hit a large pothole, lost a wheel and bent a rear control arm pretty badly. He had to bend the control arm straight by beating it with two rocks he picked up on the side of the road. I thought it was pretty cool. :hail2:

    Rickman, glad to hear someone is going to do some SCCA solo events in their 05. I'm planning making a few races with mine as well. I really love road racing and I have wanted to get into it for years. Now that I have the right car I think the time is right.
  14. Back to the yellow fog light thread...

    I'd like to try this on my lime GT. What exactly is this "vinyl film"? Is it a self-adhesive material or is it some kind of sheet goods thick enough to friction fit in there? Or one of those static-stick sheets?

    I went to Michaels craft store and they had nothing even close. I tried a home improvement store, thinking "yellow light fixture lens" and they had nothing as well.

    Mike Elia
    05 GT lime
    87 Buick Regal Turbo T
  15. This is still a forum, right? I didn't see anything out of line, just opinion. Are we at the point now where that's not allowed? :rolleyes:

    I didn't like the idea of the yeller lights either, until I saw some on a Screaming Yellow and it looked SWEET! (but that's just my opinion, so I may be out of line saying so?)