Yellow Fogs

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  1. I tinted my fogs yellow for a different look............

  2. I sense a hint of uncle ben in you....
  3. :lol: Mabey just a hint. But actually I got the idea from Chevy Corvette fogs.
  4. that actually looks good
  5. how did you go about doing that?

    i would have just gotten some lumics yellow bulbs

  6. +1

    Diamond clear housings and Luminics 2500K bulbs.

    The stock fogs blow, they offer no light output. They really need a clear lens.

    I have luminics in my G35. Really helped with vision in inclimate weather. Then again, the fog lights on my G35 are brighter than the headlights on my Mustang.
  7. I like 'em...

    I had 'vintage' yellow fogs on my '66 GT back in the late 70's/early 80's :)
  8. Yeah I looked for yellow replacement bulbs but couldnt find any. The Luminics
    web site says they are N.A. Thats how I got the idea of just tinting them.
    Actually It was just an experiment that turned out better than I thought.
    I already had smoked vinyl overlays so I bought a $2.50 roll of yellow transparent
    lens repair tape. I stuck the tape to a piece of flat glass, then stuck the
    smoked overlay on the tape and used an exacto knife to carefully cut out
    the shape. Then I just skweegeed the tape on the lens (no bubbles)
    By the way the vinyl over lays had kept the lens in "virgin condition" But really
    I would like to get the yellow bulbs since they would put out some useable light.
  9. check here
  10. I went ahead and bought some 893 JDM yellow 37.5 W fog bulbs.
    They are not Luminics, they are Top Speed. Anyone heard of them?
    They are brighter for sure but are still not much help in fog conditions......
    We had a really foggy morning last week. Also they arnt as yellow as I
    wanted. What do you think.......

    [ DSCN0112.jpg

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  11. i tinted my fogs on my car yellow too prob like a yr ago but i used stain glass spray on them and have a 5o watt bulb.muchhhh brighter and you determine how yellow you want them by the number og coats.just did my SHO fogs too.makes a big diff if you have HID Hheadlights