Yellow this inside our outside?

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  1. I've been reading about the head lights dulling and I really don't get this. My head lights are like a year old and were Ford parts. Looking at them on the outside, I expect them to be like dull and kind of rough. The thing is though they're not. It's almost like they're yellow on the inside. My last set got water in them and did something like that but these aren't.
    I"ve used some plastic polish on them but can't really tell a difference. Why is it that the headlights would yellow, but the parking lights right beside them didn't if it's caused by UV?
    So guys what do you think, is this inside of the light or is it just the product of the car getting hit by UV?
  2. That picture kind of sucks for what I'm trying to show.
    This one should be better.
  3. my dads 89gt had yellowed lenses like that, i sjtu used some meguiars PlastX (used it twice, one right after the 1st) and they look crystal clear. they sitll look great and its been months i think its liek $5 a bottle or something.
  4. im just a shadetree sorta guy. i dont have half the time, money or expertise that others in here do. all i can tell you is, if you have yellowing or oxidation on the outside, i have had good luck using mothers aluminum wheel polish, followed by some wax to seal pores. my eclipse sits outside (the vert gt stang is in the garage ::nice::
    the light covers oxidize, and this gets them shiny and clear again.
    in 5.0 tech, guys have used some fine wet sanding and had good luck.
    thats all i got. good luck.
  5. I also heard that Blue Coral wheel polish is great for this, but I never got to try it myself because none of the stores around here stock it. I'm gonna go look for some of the mothers and try that, or the plastiX if it's cheaper.
  6. 3M Finish restore rubbing compound.To me...the lights look crystal clear with a tint of yellow and it dont look like buffing them would do any good.If they are only a year old.I never heard of lights yellowing out after only a year.ive it a try with the compound.You can't just lightly buff them.A little pressure helps.

    How about investing in a set of those Diamond headlights.Not sure of what the actual names are.A few extra bucks more but they look really good.
  7. Mine did this also and it really makes the car look bad. I tried rubbing acohol and it didnt work and I was just messing around with other stuff I found in the garage and I came across some Carb Cleaner and I out a little on a rag. I wiped up and down and i could see the yellow stuff just comeing off. Be careful not to use to much or it will kinda like melt the plastic.
  8. Try Rubbing some Car wax on them, i used some on mine, and made them quite a bit better.
  9. I have heard using turtle wax rubbing compound works.....i have yet to try it seeing my 90 lx lights look like smokers teeth....hope it works
  10. I tried the sanding technique, and they just turned yellow again, what a waste of time. You can find a buffing wheel kit at sears for 10 bucks. That worked just as good, 10 times faster atleast.