Yellow mustangs!

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  1. I'm REALLY close to purchasing a set of wheels, and i know theyre gonna be 18x9/10, most likely fr500's, however, im not sure whether to go with anthracite, chrome or hypercoated :shrug:

    i'd want to go with the chrome but i wonder if that would be too flashy on a chrome yellow car :shrug:

    any suggestions/pics are welcome :SNSign:
  2. post up a pic of ur car and i can visualize it better
  3. 0824081439.jpg

    this is the only pic i got of it thats decent, although the sun hit the camera which caused a glare which makes the yellow look kind of dull, which its not, its chrome yellow so its darker. :shrug:

    i realize this is a noob question/request, but i really cant trust myself to fork over $6-800 all at once and then be disappointed with the wheel choice lol.

    EDIT: i have this pic also, but it also has a glare from the such a noob with cameras :(


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  4. I think something with hyper black or anthricite or whatever, with a polished lip would look good. :nice: esp if you smoke the tail lights and maybe some tint.
  5. Dude! Go with Chrome all the way....
    I had an 03 Zinc Cobra
    Bought new in 04
    sold this past june with only 6k miles on it:(
    Lost job didint have a choice
    but anyway.....
    i opted for the chrome 04 mystic wheels
    and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!
    then i went with the fr500 chrome talk about bad a_ _ !!!
    Dont worry about to flashy you car is flashy right from the get go!!!!
    Fr500 Chromes or Bust!!!
  6. Go with chrome.... I don't have FR500s but.....



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  7. Thanks for the replies :SNsign:

    Does anyone know if American muscle price matches??
  8. Oan, is there a difference between chrome yellow and screaming yellow??
  9. scoot your spoiler back while your at it :nice:

    anthracite or chrome would be awesome on that thing... black rims would make you look like a bee lol

    EDIT: just realized one pic has spoiler and the other if your spoiler is still on the car, scoot it back :D
  10. anthracite has my vote
  11. yea the wing is gone haha im stuck between chrome and anthracite/hypercoated lol

    and my windows are tinted, they just arent up in the first pic, which is the latest. its extremely dark, don't know the percentage, i just know it isnt legal (came with the car) lol
  12. They said they'd work with me on the price for all the parts for my rearend build if i found the parts cheaper somewhere else. I love yellow, thats what i was really looking for before i got mine, but i love my black stang. I'm not huge on chrome but it would look really good w/ chrome. I'm partial to black wheels and thats what i'd get but black rims are a personal preference thing.
  13. Posted via Mobile Device anthracite + yellow = :drool:
  14. I think they are the same... if they aren't its damn close.
  15. You'd think so until you see the 2 side by side. Screaming yellow is a dark yellow and zinc is a pale yellow.
  16. They were comparing Chrome Yellow to Screaming Yellow. Zinc Yellow is way different.
  17. Yea I know I owned a 02 Zinc V6 before the GT. The Zinc is almost a milky yellow compared to the Screaming. Chrome and SY are pretty close though.
  18. Based on Mach1Run's pics, I think I'm gonna go with chrome :D

    Were those 17x10.5 in the back mach? What size tire and suspension?

    I can't see sigs on teh iPod if it's there haha
  19. id say black like 02nightmaregt says but as he said personal looks good on anything...i want them for mine!