Yellow mustangs!

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  1. IMO. Completely black wheels usually only look good on darker colored cars. Lighter colors look good with black wheels and a polished lip.
  2. Ah didnt realice there were 3 yellows, always thought chrome / screaming were the same color by diff names.
  3. 17x10.5s in both sets of pics, the silver wheels were with stock suspension and the chrome wheels are with the nose lowered.
  4. Mine with factory 03' cobra wheels...Man I like the chrome ones now. Damn you 04yellowgt:D
  5. Not flashing at all.

    And it someone could do a nice photoshop with some chrome FR500's on my car I'd appreciate it. I would have loved FR's on this car.



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  6. colors...

    I vote anthracite. Also, I believe that Chrome and Screaming Yellow are the same. Just depends on the year. Zinc has more green in the mix, as opposed to red.
  7. I'm set on buying the chrome ones today, fr500 18x9/10. Gonna buy them after class.

    Next question is what tire sizes is should go with. Im thinking 265/40/18 and 285/40/18, maybe a 295 if I can find them used because I'm buying them used if possible lol

    Why do some people run 40's in the front and 35's in the back??
  8. OAN, what do you guys with 18x10's in the back use to fill out the fender? im thinking im gonna need a spacer just dunn how how big. :shrug:

    i really like the way the rear wheels look on 02Laserred2v's cobra, i wonder what he uses....
  9. Get 265/35/18 and 295/35/18. No 40's.
    And if you car is lowered, get your rear fenders rolled so you don't cut your tires on dips.
  10. pics to see sidewalls??