Yellow or White Mach-1

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by damien2003gt, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. You should go with some AFS 17x9's or 18x9's for the rear.. that would look sweet :nice:
  2. :p :stupid:


  3. i had a blue car now i have a red car, but i still think he should get the white one.
  4. I do want some different wheels for my Mach, what are the AFS's (excuse my ignorance). I was thinkin about chrome Bullitts or FR500s myself.

    They make replicas of Ford OEM rims.
  6. I think both colors suck, but i'd go with white. Depends on your personality I guess, yellow does stand out but i don't know.. I feel I couldn't be taken seriously if I was driving a yellow car, kinda childish color. I hate white on pretty much any car but all the black accents will make it look alright.
  7. I'd get the white. If I had any choice for color on a Mach 1 it would be Azure Blue though, then white.
  8. I just saw a brand new competition orange? GT. I think I've just decided what color I'm getting :D
  9. i say YELLOW.

    edit - damn, now that i look at some yellow ones those look sweet as well. uhhh yellow now. ;)
  10. No offense to anyone with a white car here, but personally I would take ANY colour over white.

    IMHO, very few sports/muscle/pony cars look good in that colour.
  11. what year, 03 or 04? if its 03 then white but if its 04 yellow. me personally I would get the azure blue.

    I saw someone say rebates I didnt know ford was still doing rebates?
  12. uuuuhhhhhhhh, how does white(as faded as you can get) fade faster than yellow??
  13. oh I forgot to anwser part of the question, what mods.

    4.30 gears, 5.0 shifter, sub frames, springs, drag radials, upper and lower control arms, long tubes or mid length, o/r h pipe with 1 chamber flows and a nx kit with all the saftey equipment. probably missed a few other things that I will think of later.