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  1. This is a great site and a large depth of knowledge. I am already a memeber of the Yellow Mustang Registry and many people told me about this site.

    A lot more info and bigger engines on this site....

    I purchased a new 2003 Yellow Pony V6 with all the bells..

    Here is the history of my 8 month vehicle.

    2 weeks, 500 miles on the car, a deer slams on the side of my car, you heard right, I did not hit the deer, the deer hit me while I was going 50+ mph. It ran into the rear drivers side of the car, and damaged the whole side.. Cost $3500.00 3 weeks in the shop...

    Great intro. to a Mustang


    I purchased a V6 over a V8 because I drove a lot. Thinking the V6 is better, come to find out I am only getting 13 mpg. Took it to the dealer twice and they did some changes to the MAF sensor and re-programmed the computer and still no sucess... It was at the dealer for 3 days. When I picked up the car, I placed my jacket in the trunk and about to leave and I notice the side of my car. Strached, dingy, and destroyed…….. Yes destroyed…. I went livid.. I am a calm guy but the New Yorker came out and went ballastic. How the hell would I not notice that……..

    So, I love the stang but wish I got a V8. Would have gotten better gas and also would have been driving faster and the deer would have never hit me....

    Great boad, and keep up the good work.....
  2. The mileage that is on the sticker is something that professional driver got. It is very doubtful that you will EVER get that mileage. Do you have an auto or std? What RPM's are you shifting at? I have a 2002 auto vert and i get 30 mpg highway, 25 city.

    Also, you would have been driving faster you say. so instead of a deer hitting you, you would hav been sitting in a jail cell next to bubba who is enjoying that fresh ripe firm buttox after being pulled for reckless diriving. Yeah thats' REAL smart.

    However, think logically. Why would two more cylinders save you gas?
  3. cuz teh 2v 4.6l v8 = teh best egine evah! [​IMG]
  4. i didnt say it was the best engine ever i just said you should be happy with what you got becuase the ideas you expressed to us are very flawed.
  5. :bang:

    Do you know anything about anything. If you wish you got an 8 go get an 8 all of us here enjoy our V6's and like to mod it up and not get **** slapped with the heavy insurance and the extra gas.
  6. :stupid: I couldn't have said it better myself. If you're only getting 13 mpg in your car, then you need to plug that hole in the gas tank bud. I'm getting about 18 mpg in the city right now with the few mods I have. I had a 01 GT with flowmasters and it only pulled 14-15 mpg WHEN DRIVING UNDER NORMAL CONDITIONS. If I stepped on it a few times, it'd suck the tank dry in no time. Also, my insurance company enjoyed vacations in the bahamas while I had that thing....$475 a month with a clean record is ridiculous. I now pay $180 and I have a blast with the extra cash by modding my V6 as opposed to driving around a stock V8 and being completely broke. Not to hate on you, but saying "I wish I had gotten a V8" in your first post in a V6 FORUM is not the way to make many friends around here. :notnice:
  7. Hey, another YMR person here.... used to be a 6er, but graduated ;)
  8. to be fair didn't you already have the five oh when you got the sixer? :shrug:

  9. sure did!
    Now I have 3 v8s ;)
    The veesix was holdin me back!
  10. You guys are pretty harsh. It would seem a lot of the animosity is coming from trying to read between the lines of the posted message. C'mon guys, let's lighten up a bit.

    It's obvious that the shop he took the car to had an inkling about what to look at as far as his claimed crappy gas mileage goes, but if they screw the side of his car up, not tell him about, they obviously are a bunch of pukes. Any shop that damages someone's car would be up front about it and tell the customer. Instead, they just hand him the car back. Sounds like a pretty shady place to me.

    What you need to do, Is fill the tank up, keep track of the miles till the tank is almost full, account for what type of driving you are doing (city/highway), and do a little math. That should get you a good idea of how many miles per gallon you are actually getting. Also, the cheapest gas isn't necessarily the best. Some companies do put out better gas than others do, but generally they are pretty close.

    Figure out what your mileage is and post back. Maybe some of us could help you figure it out.

    As far as an 8 getting better mileage, not generally.
  11. Thanks for your opinions and comments. I can see what kind of board this is, and by making a simple statement about the V6, people getting a little to hard on newbies. Best of luck with your V6's and enjoy doing what you like doing.... And I don't need any friends on this kind of board....

    And MarvinMyCat, thanks for the post...
  12. Alright I understand this now.. I see what happened and someone took my post the wrong way. I spoke with another memeber about this board, and I hear that the V8 guys come in here and start bashing on the V6. I was not trying to do anything like that. I was just told by the dealer that the V8 gets better gas milage then the V6 because the V6 works a lot harder to get to something then the V8. Trust me as well, I like paying less on insurance and gas but nothing is wrong with the V8 in the first place nor the V6. Both are Mustangs, just one is a tad powerful...

    As to ChristYellowV6, I wasn't trying to start any bull, esp. since you drive a yellow ride... Its all good with me man, and I have one word with you.. UPGRADE!!! That is what I plan to do....

    So, thanks for the member giving me the insight on what happened, and hopefully all this can pass us...
    Thanks and sorry for the troubles to all....
  13. :rolleyes: You know, I just can't see someone saying, "Hey, check out this gets better gas mileage than the V6 man!" and someone else actually buying that statement. "Just one is a tad powerful."? Someone here's got a V8 mindset already. The V6 isn't exactly a grocery grabber. And telling someone to "upgrade"? Did it every occur to you that maybe Chris is perfectly happy with his car and doesn't want to upgrade? It really ticks me off to hear someone yapping on about their GT.....when it's completely stock. I'd much rather have a V6 with a 1 of a kind custom setup than just another GT. I couldn't even begin to guess how many 4.6L GT's are running around my town that I can't tell apart...but I do know this...I have the only 3.8 that looks like mine does (decals, badging) and it turns heads better than my Oxford White 01 GT ever did. Everyone has their preferences...but it seems to me that you just aren't happy that you got the V6...that's my $.02 and I don't mean to offend you.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    i love the way my car looks and sounds, its different than anything around here, there are plenty of stock GTs running around? but not a single car that resembles mine in the least, im not going all out 'individualism' like some crazy 'ricer' and make my car look so drastically different than stock, but rather to enhance its features and make it look perfect in my own mindset. For a new driver my car has PLENTY of guts, although my brother went out and bought a GT he had reasons, A) he is a HP FREAK B) the white stang had some engine probs... so he needed a new car, lucky him got an awesome 01' GT conv
    Im one of the youngest members here ,thats why a V6 is more than enough power for me, lol
  15. I ment that I was going to upgrade. I wasn't telling him to upgrade. The V6 does a great job for me. It fits what I am doing now just fine.

    As you tell, for the months that I have had this car, it not been an easy journey. But so what, things happen, and metal can be replaced.......

    People are still thinking that I am bashing the V6 and I am not....... It a great car
  16. While my V6, as well as a lot of others around here on this board, is definately different than any other Mustang, period, around Buffalo, I too would like to have had more power to start with. I get all kinds of looks everyday I drive it, and the only thing I wish it had was a little more sound to help the general feeling of the whole car. Look fast, sound fast!

    I LOVE the Dynomax CDC side exhaust setup I have, and I think the rumble from it is totally cool. So, I've submitted myself to the fact that in order to get the sound I want that goes along with the looks, I need to throw in MM's 403 package. While I screwed the pooch in getting an auto, there's some other options out there to get good performance and less HP loss to the wheels through the auto tranny.

    Anyway, we all have our reasons for getting our V6s, V8s, etc. I honestly don't care what other's drive, as long as it is a Mustang, and they don't go ricing it out!

  17. A Lingenfelter 'Vette can do 200+mph, and can get 29mpg. You should've got one of those.

    But seriously, if your driving habits are so bad that you're only getting 13mpg with a V6, a V8 would be ruining you.
  18. But wouldnt that make the I4 work even HARDER to get to something? yes, but it still gets better gas mileage... its all upon your driving habits, i drive above the speed limit, but well within rationality, usually give a 5 mph leeway, until you see a cop. lol, they say they wont pull u over for 5mph, but he could be a hardass that spilt his coffee and a ticket would not be good for me, new driver and allz... MEH!
  19. I took it to another dealer and they did some work with the MAF sensor which was very dirty, re-programmed the ride, and put something additive in the gas tank and I am up to 22 city. Can't complain now... I just don't know why the dealer did not slove this the first time around....
  20. I get 23 mpg in both the GT and the cobra :)
    I don't think V8s are gas hogs if you don't get on it all the time :)
    I actually was more inclined to geto on the v6 due to it having less power.

    Now I'm not saying "I hate V6s" cuz you all know I've been around this place forever, saying Yay V6! But honestly, it all depends on how you drive your car.