Roush yellow/red wire on back saleen s/c?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 03_gt_fo_me, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Need some help, recently had a saleen sc installed and I see towards the rear of the supercharger there is a yellow and red wire that comes from the rear under the blower unit this for the intercooler gauge? red +12 yellow to the gauge?
  2. The saleen intercooler gauge sender is at the bottom of the intercooler resevoir. I will look at the back of my KB for the 2 wires you are talking about and see where they go.
  3. its at the back under the intake that says saleen on it, right about where the "EE" of saleen is stamped:shrug:
  4. sc

    if it goes to a valve looking thing in the very middle of the sc, that for the boost gauge, goes back to the sending unit for the boost gauge, the saleen boost gauge is electric, very rare, most are manuel run by vacume, it sucks as far as accuracy, id use a vacume one, but thats the only wire in the back of the sc,