yellow sn95 w/ pics

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by randomjoker, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. anyone with a yellow sn95 please post pics of ur car/wheels trying to get an image.. might be getting a yellow 94.

    thx in advance :nice:
  2. Hmmm.... I might have "some"....





  3. Paul, your car has really come along way in the past few years! Wow.


  4. Thanks Jake. I'm trying. I've been working under the hood lately...

  5. paul i dont know if i like how u did your whole manifold in yellow.. i think if u woulda left it and just painted the letters in yellow it woulda looked better... but thats IMO... im sure u like it if u left it...

    as for yellow sn95's.. the reason im asking is because i might be getting a yellow 94 gt... heres a pic.. (

  6. Kyle, my wife bought me the intake already painted like 5yrs ago. I am concidering polishing it over the winter, but she likes it yellow. I like it, but I'm unsure if I'll like it polsihed more or not. It will add a lot of "bling" under the hood, that's for sure.

    As for the yellow 94.... GET IT! There is just something special about a yellow mustang.
  7. [​IMG]


    i got the chrome cobra r's on my 97 that will go on her in a week!

    :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  8. paul...get it polished.. and do the letters in yellow... so u'll both be happy :) .. i think it would look sharp too..
  9. i have a few pics....;)

    the small tires


    new pics coming soon, better than ever :nice:
  10. I don't have any pics but I have a friend who has a chrome yellow 98 GT....:drool:

    Yellow is the best looking color on our cars IMO, and it's rare too. I heard that less than 5000 yellow mustangs were made in 1994.
  11. u should def buy that yellow 94, i always wanted a yellow 94-95 but never found the right one, get it, u won't regret it
  12. yeah im down on getting it.. im going out to look at it later tonight or tommorow night.. anyone with svo side exhaust on there yellow mustang?
  13. If you don't mind my asking, how much do they want for it?
  14. Yellow SN95's are HOT! My neighbor used to have a Canary yellow Cobra (forget which year) but that thing was sick. I've always liked yellow stangs since then. Although Vibrant Red is better. LOL. I might have a biased opinion.
  15. it took me 6 months to find mine, just be prepared for a lot of bugs they just draw to that color .lol
  16. i looked for 10 months for my yellow GTS

    i rented a car and drove 250 miles to get it and
  17. paid cash, dropped the rental car off and drove it back in the worst rain i have ever seen.
  18. ha, that's funny snoozer- btw, why is it in two different posts

    did anybody see the new guy, flagant's stang, that thing rocks. but of course paul's car is still on top of the yellow mustang mountain although, i haven't heard from hairycanary in a while
  19. 5.3 for me.