yellow sn95 w/ pics

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by randomjoker, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. my boss walked in... :rlaugh:

    and why is paul's car on top? :shrug:

    IM jealous of course :rolleyes:
  2. i'm in constant fear of my boss walking in. and paul's is the fastest yeller stang on here isn't it? Ok on top of the N/A mountain... sorry snoozer, he's just faster that u but ur way faster than me so no worries
  3. I wish I would have bought a yellow mustang. I love killers and snoozer. BTW snoozer when are you going to be on AIM.

  4. I will get on here at work, going bowling with the lady later.
  5. [/QUOTE]Yellow SN95's are HOT! My neighbor used to have a Canary yellow Cobra (forget which year) but that thing was sick. I've always liked yellow stangs since then. Although Vibrant Red is better. LOL. I might have a biased opinion.
  6. not the fastest on here....

    are you serious? his heads cam car is faster than my stock head car :shrug:

    times in sig are with the old setup ;)
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Powder coating came out nice. [​IMG]
  9. JR where have you been? It's nice to see you posting again. I thought you left us.

  10. Nope, I'm not the fastest.... there is always someone faster.... always. But I couldn't be happier with my car and combo.

    Why all the hating snoozer???
  11. whats everyones opinion.. whats the best set of wheels for the yellow sn95's? lets see some pics of them. :)
  12. I went to Maine for a week on vacation.
  13. not hating... being realistic
  14. depends on your styl;e and body kit choice.

    some fikse fm 10s would look badass

    cobra r s aer classic but very played...

    i personally dont want any ford wheels on my car.

    I think black 18 inch bullits with a dish look absolutely sick is you like the black on yellow style. I just cant justify adding that much rotational mass to my car.

    fikse FM%s would look badass and profile 5s even better

    you cant go wrong with american racing TTIIs with big dish and 315 nittos out back. I love that look

  15. Thanks! I was upset it didn't stay as chrome as it was before I put the clear on it. I may do the lower intake in the same color over winter and polish the upper.
  16. does anyone know any sites for just mustang wheels?
  18. my brother has 18" black bullitts.. i cant get those... he says black fr500's...