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  1. Yes a II actually made it to a Magazine again, must be a Blue Moon this month. Anyway not sure how many of you get that mag, but it's got two Eleanor wannabes on the front, and 25 Hottest Mods across the top of the magazine. They do a pretty decent job of talking about the II generation however not a whole lot of detail about the car other than, as we all know the guy spent a long time finding parts. Very good looking car though, Yellow Stallion Coupe 2.3L 4spd. Check it out, plus there's some other cool mod stuff in the mag, so it ain't all bad. But did you all see the prick response in last months 5.0 and SuperFord? Not trying to stir crap just asking if anybody seen it.
  2. Nice job! :nice: I'll have to run down and pick up a copy.

    I didn't hear the comments from Superford and 5.0. What was said? The last time I had Superford, the last 3 or 4 months of the subscription was used to start fires and for the bird to crap on. I never even opened them to read 'em.
  3. I believe in the Feb. issue they said they were going to have more II' on their pages. Now I have to dig to find the arcticle.
  4. I believe in the 5.0 mag they said that they dont consider a Pinto a mustang and they wouldnt put one in there mag.

  5. I don't consider a LTD II a mustang either.

    To each their own.
  6. I'll have to find what I did with the magazine and type it all up for you, since I ain't got a scanner available. But some dude wrote in saying he has spanked many a Chevy and when he gets done with the resto on his Cobra, he was gonna go after some foxes, and they laughed at him for wanting to restore a II thinking he was actually gonna come back with only 140hp. But we all know how easy it is to package over 300hp in a very factory appearance II. Besides how many pinheads out there know that II's came with V8's and even less than that know that they only had 2 barrels, except of course for the Mexican II's. I'll dig it up though, unfortunately I keep buying that rag, cuz there is generally other decent information in there for some fox bodies, since I've got a couple of those I like the info. But their pretty redundant on slamming the II's all the time, sad part is, they aren't making any new arguments,, those guys are so original. Oh well.

  7. Having been a II owner for 26 years this month I can say I havent heard anything original in a very long time.

    Next time someone calls a II a Pinto ask them what's wrong with a Pinto?? That tends to set them back. Falcons and Fairmonts and Pintos, Oh My!!

    Then theres the thing about 'coming back with a 140hp car' .... that should give you a clue to these peoples mentality. While all 302s aren't the same, their awful damned close. I guess these Goobers think if the engine didn't come with from the factory in that year it can't be installed.

    Far as the Rags? I don't bother with them, haven't for a while. I get my fill of ingorance in the House of Pain.
  8. For those that ain't seen the letter to the editor in March 2004 of 5.0
    I know pretty much how everybody feels, but there were a few that seemed interested to see it so here goes, and yes I'm typing this all in.

    "Every model year of the Mustang is important, yet you still bash the Mustang II. I owned a '65 and it was a crapbox compared to the '76 Cobra II I own. Yes, I've owned it since 1976 with 185,000 real miles. With two years of drag racing and so many street races, I've lost count. My favorite pasttime was watching Chevy owners kicking their cars because they couldn't beat it. If it had not been for their frugal-yet-stylish nature in 74-78 models, Mustangs might have become extinct, and a windbag such as yourself could be selling pencils on the corner. The Mustang II kept the legend alive.
    You Should put your Fox tail between your legs and print an apology to the many owners of these fine autos. They-we-only want our fair place in the history of hte Mustang. I for one am tired of being kicked around. My '76 is being restored, and this time I'm not after Chevys, but a horse in Fox clothes. Phil Bechard

    Editors reply
    " Uh, why are you reading 5.0&SF??
    Anyway, you make some interesting points, Phil. I'm sure the vintage and Fox Mustang fans are wishing I printed your e-mail addressso they could respond personally to your slams. I can apreciate it when anyone chooses something a little different from the norm. I have long hair and listen to music that's long since been deemed unpopular, but I don't expect to be repsected or celebrated for my choices. They make me happy, and that's all that matters.
    So, if you like Mustang IIs, great-just don't expect all of us to buy King Cobra sticker kits and Farrah Fawcett posters to take up arms with you. The fact remains that most Mustang enthusiasts believe the Mustang II era was a blight on the history of the Mustang. We understand the circumstances that created that car, but it doesnt' mean we're going to celebrate it.
    By the way, you say you are going to "restore" your '76 to kick some Fox tail. Make sure you bring it up to the full, factory 140hp, OK? I'm sure the Fox guys are scared. Don't forget all that smog equipment in your "restoration."

    Like I said, Not want anybody wants to see but, for those that did there it is, I'm still stirred up about being an owner with multiple II's and fox bodies, It kinda makes me sorry I own a Fox body.
  9. Thanks.

    You saved me from reading it at the magazine rack at Walley World.