Yellow1995Cobra Commercial

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by onebad95, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. Well, Jesse brought his car yesterday to help me with the blower install. He called and said he was about 10 minutes away. I was in my garage and I heard a rumble like no other, then the birds and chipmunks were flying and running for cover. All of a sudden I see this yellow monster with no hood in front of my house :jaw:.

    Sounds like a good ford commercial to me.
  2. :rlaugh: I would love to drive down my street with no hood. :D
  3. i'll bet that thig does sound good , better than my escort pulling into pauls house lol :rlaugh: i hope i was a little help yesterday it was hard without have my car in front of me to look at things.
  4. I really wanna see and hear this car.

  5. :rlaugh: Birds and chipmunks beware. Funny stuff.

    How did the install go?
  6. LOL, so how did the blower install go? Is it done?
  7. Lets just say... when I picked up Jesse's old X-pipe I had to change my pants after we took a look at the engine.
  8. i really want to hear his car. He needs to take some videos of it. I want to see that bad boy in action.

  9. man, i really wanna see videos of that damn car.
  10. LOL guys, ill try and get a vid up by next weekend.. It is VERY loud. Gave me a serious headache at first driving it around, but i kinda like it now haha.
  11. How does the car feel. Have you got on it yet or you still breaking it in. And how long are you going to keep the T5.

  12. Feels great so far!! Its got a ton of power, especially after 3k (power band is 3200-6300 or something). I brought it up to 6k a couple times last night. Once on the way home from charlies house.. Some dude on a streetbike was messing with me, so i got into it from 3k-6k in 4th, i hit it first then he hit it and we were pretty even and once i got to 6k i stopped and he flew by. He slowed down after and nodded to me and gave me the thumbs up, i was hoping he would go again maybe from a 3rd gear pull but he pulled some wheelies and took off.

    Ill keep the t5 until i can afford a new tranny, or it blows up. I stil gotta decide for sure what tranny im gonna go with.. either TKO of dynamic C4. I like the c4 cause the car will be alot faster, but it still is a street car, so maybe a 5spd is better for me now..
  13. I can't believe your T-5 is still alive :D. Mine pops loudly and whines like a SOB, and I'm not exactly making the horsepower you are :eek:. I think I got a weak one, that's not going to last all that long. Guess I'll just have to swap it for a T-56... :shrug: :rlaugh:

  14. No kidding, I've seen guy's T-5 crap out on them with a stock motor.
  15. Some people get lucky with them.. Ive always ran synthetic fluid through it, and never had a problem. i beat the hell out of it last year.. I havent really banged the gears yet with this new engine, so we'll see how long it lasts.
  16. yeah I would like to know this too. What is your goal? Have you tuned it or anything.

  17. Sounds cool Jesse....If you had to guess, maybe you posted it before, how much HP you think its pushing???
  18. i gonna say 450rwhp for now. Im calling my tuner tomorrow to settup a dyn appt to get the tune squared away next weekend or the following weekend. We will all know soon.

    The most important thing to me is the track. I want to go 11.49 or faster this season, which is enough to get me kicked out(no roll cage). Ill be happy after that and wait until next year to shoot for the 10's .
  19. sounds like a plan to me... :D Let me know when you head to NED...I wanna go...we can line em up and you can blow my doors off... :D

    Seriously...give me a yell..
  20. Yea, I wanna go too..