Yellow1995Cobra Commercial

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  1. this isnt your DD is it. I would say when the T5 takes a dump get a built C4. That will help you for your quest to the 10s. And when you have a chance get some more pics to the engine. I havnt seen a top view yet. thanks

  2. its my only car but not a daily driver. I will have a new f350 superduty truck soon as well for daily driver duties and for work.

    I posted a bunch of engine pics back in the other thread i started with the pics of my car with no hood, just goto the second page of that thread... Other wise ill just post them here.
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    Your making at least 550 rwhp or more. My 351w in my 69 cougar with victor jr. heads, victor jr. intake, and an off the shelf comp cams makes close to 450 rwhp.