Yep 2006 Stangs GTs are out !!!

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  1. I have checked out the ford website and see that the dealers are already getting their 2006 Stangs.....
    Saw only 1 GT convert out of 40 dealers online and the rest are all 2006 V6s.
    Saw a few 2005 stang gts on the sites near by.
    Maybe because the Stang GTs are not shown on the ford dealers website is because they are already spoken for????But then again we might have another bad year at not getting any Gts....JohnnyT
  2. We have a few GTs on the lot that aren't going ANYWHERE. One is a buy-back and they're all overpriced. Then we've had two Saleen S/Cs on the lot for a long time that wont sell....but we've just ordered four more for some reason. Hmm...$50k cars that wont sell? LETS BUY SOME MORE FOR THE LOT!!! :notnice:
  3. went to a dealer today, and saw one black 2006 GT. it was pretty schweet lol.
    along with that were 3 V6 stangs (one with the pony package) all nice looking cars and all were pre-orders obviously
    i spose the pony package is just a lil too vintage for me or sumthin
  4. I have seen a few 05 stang Gts on lots around here but they want sticker,,,ratter wait a few weeks for a 2006 Gt....JohnnyT
  5. Hey does anyone know if there is like a certain date that dealerships are expected to get a big shipments of '06 GT's? I heard somewhere that there was a day in September that the '06's were expected to come in. Or is it gonna be more like...1 GT this week, a couple of V-suxs next week, then 2 dry weeks, then 2 more GT's the week after, then 10 V-suxs the week after. I'm trying to get my dad to buy an '06 GT so I can buy his '02 GT off him and sell my '95 GT. Anyone got any solid info?