Yep, another spring question. H&R's with MM plates??

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  1. Okay, I'm ready to order springs for the '04.. Here is what it has come down to:

    H&R Super Sports
    Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber plates

    Please don't say I need shocks and struts.. that just kills my budget..
    Also, some parts catalogs I read suggested the use of offset steering rack bushings when lowering cars. Does this sound familiar? or just BS?

    What do you all think about these springs for a daily driver convertible? Roads are pretty smooth around here- just a few potholes that I know to avoid.. Am I going to regret going this low?

    Where is the best place to order these? American Muscle (mustang tuning) has the best prices with free shipping, although they only have one part number listed for the springs- even though there are different springs for coupes and verts, right?:shrug:

    Any help or other comments would be great!
    I am tired of getting a nose bleed every time I drive this thing.. so darn high in the air:nonono:
  2. you should probably buy shocks and struts:D

    your stock shocks/struts with blow after awhile, no reason to tear apart the suspension twice:shrug:

    and according to there are 2 different part #'s for the coupe and the vert, might want to see for yourself

  3. So wait, the new springs will cause the OEM shocks/struts to go? Or will they go out regardless?

    I checked H&R's website for the springs- yep, there are 2 different numbers for a coupe vs. a vert... I guess I'll call American Muscle..
  4. I was thinking about buying the H&R SS's on a budget but then I realized they would destroy the shocks. I decided to save up for the whole setup at once. Its either go with less of a drop or save your pennies for that extra 3/4".
  5. The shorter springs will cause constant compression in the struts/shocks, causing premature failure. They will die, just a matter of when, how old they are now, etc.

    No sense you pay for an alignment twice.....

    And yes, the coupe and vert springs are different, due to the weight difference between the two.

    I have SS's, and IMO they are fine for a DD. Pair them up with some Bils and you'll love the ride.
  6. I road around with the supersports for about 6 months on the stock shocks and struts. They never gave out, but the ride was less than favorable. I didnt have a problem tearing the suspension down a second time when I bought shocks and struts.

    I'd still get the SS springs, even if you can't jump for aftermarket shocks and struts right away.