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  1. I have this new house that I love, its small but neat and new :) And where do I spend ALL my time, in the garage :rlaugh: Its my favorite room, I got all my air and power tools a loud radio and two sweet rides to play with :flag: I want to thank everyone on here because I was really sick for awhile and all of you made me feel welcome and amongst friends. I know all the laughter I shared on here is what got me through :SNSign: I am living life to its fullest and my Father who is also my best friend is the best roomate ive had, he has always had his half for the bills :nice: I am lucky to know all of you and to not only have my Cobra but to be able to play with my fathers Termi whenever I want.

    Few shots of what makes me happy, my garage with me and dads toys :nice: :flag: :SNSign:
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  2. It's great to see you out there working on the Stangs! I wish you all the best in the future as well! You have a great future ahead :nice:
  3. ur garage needs some seating
  4. Yeah I gotta go get some peg boards and make a table with a vice on it. I ordered a creeper and creeper stool but they aint showed up yet. So ill have a couple stools but thats about it for sitting :shrug: I like being able to open both doors all the way and not hit anything :nice:
  5. what kind of grille is on the terminator?
  6. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: i wish i could keep my car in the garage:( does the termi have stripes on the roof?
  7. :rlaugh: Yeah I forgot. It goes in Monday to have them painted on cause the vinyl sucked. They also have the tail to finish. Ill post pics when done :nice:
  8. the new neighbors must love you :rolleyes:
  9. Not when I start one early in the morning :rlaugh:
  10. thats exactly what i ment
  11. Congrats and I hope you continue to have a speedy recovery :)
  12. Those whips look sweet next to each other
  13. Thanks guys! I really got alot of help from everyone on here when it came to mods and helping my father choose his Termi :nice:
    Thanks for the compliments, meens alot :)
  14. n00b is me :nonono:
  15. im jealous of your stable. one day ill have SVT power... untill then i guess the KB will have to hold me over
  16. KB :drool: I want one so bad. Hopefully by summer next year :shrug: I just dont look foreward to cutting the hood, every Cobra ive seen has had to like this:
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  17. :drool: didnt know the cobras had to chop up the hood like that. looks like it sits up pretty high, that a 96-01 thing?
  18. Just 96-98 , the 99+ have an intercooler option and sit lower :nice:
  19. Out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of your garage? It looks oversized. 25x25 maybe?
  20. IDK I havent measured but its pretty big, wide enough for three cars as long as the doors dont open :D