Yep, 'nother Noob.

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  1. Hey!

    Here's the obligatory intro. :p

    Bought my 2000 GT convertible without even a test drive. Ordered her up in Black. Served me well for 12 years. 12 Hard years. :nice: When the rods started makin' those noises this spring, I knew it was decision time.

    This time around it wasn't as cut and dry as last time. The Challenger and Camaro deserved a test drive. I'm an OLD Camaro guy from way back. Owned more different '69s than I care to recall. :rolleyes:
    After the formalities of the test drives of the <cough> competition, I bought me a 2011 Kona Blue/Stone Premium GT Hardtop, 6-spd with the Brembos and 3.55s. Hell, after testin' out the other 2, I didn't even need to try the Mustang...just wrote the check. :flag:

    This is a huge departure for me. ALL my other new cars have been Black. Always got the "Nice Car" comments.
    I can't believe how many comments I get on this Kona Blue color. The metallic colors really POP! Really like that Candy Apple color, too. (even though I'm not a red-car guy) :D