yep, shes home..PICS..

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  1. looks very nice. i like :nice:
  2. looks 100% better. you need some chrome bulbs! is your hood popped in the pics?
  3. +1
  4. nope, thats the freakin gap u put up with. Also he bought 2 of the same emblems, for the pass. side, so ones backwards now, but im getting another one, dont worry, and he didnt put the rear pieces on the back bumper cuz he didnt wanna take the time to cut the tailpipes off, so i gotta do that too. now it needs an alignment and shes road ready again, not til summer tho:)
  5. that gap is big, i think i would do the cobra bumper with that hood...looks good though.
  6. i know, but ill get my other body shop to fix it by molding ontop of the bumper where the gap is EVENTUALLY...
  7. Looks good. One thing that bothers me is that you can see headlight bracket through your bumper opening behind the pony. If I were you, I would try and find the cover piece on ebay that comes in grill delete kits that covers also might reduce the gap in that area. Other than that and the backwords emblem, it turned out nice.
  8. Love the gap! Welcome to the club lol! Mine isn't AS noticeable because of my grill. Get yourself a grill delete! Looks good bud! Now some rims and springs and ur set!
  9. what difference would the grille delete be? theres no grille now...
  10. Awesome, Ray, can't wait for more pics. :nice:
  11. is there a black piece or something that will fill my entire grille opening, i hate seeing that crap behind the pony, i want something that is entirely black, and big enough to fill the entire grille. also, are there supposed to be little pieces that go in the opening for the 03/04 cobra hood? cause I dont have any...should I call and get them to send me some??
  12. ummm cant see anything..??
  13. ROUSH6.jpg
    (still need to do my exhaust as soon as I get my MagnaPacks)

    (before I put the side scoops on a little while ago)

    (yea, the retard didn't put the body kit on the rear, I'll do it tomorow)

    (ONE RIGHT EMBLEM!!!) lol

    (still need something in the openings)



    I'll take pics outside tomorow...

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  14. Looks good. :nice: What a difference!
  15. that gap is horrible! i would stay away from the cobra hood just b/c of that
  16. well as far as the gap by the bumper, i can get that fixed, and i guess ill do the grille delete thing for by the headlight housings, after that, it wont be noticeable..
  17. mind the gap
  18. +1:Damnit: