yep, shes home..PICS..

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  1. not a fan of side exhaust or roush bumpers... but yeah the gap for the hood is because the cobra hood is actually a little shorter and rounded AND the cobra bumper is taller...
  2. holy gap man....
  3. You don't need the entire grill delete kit, you just need to get the inner grill trim for a 99+ Cobra or a 03/04 Mach 1
  4. 50 resto has the parts you need
  5. +1

    Turn the rubber stoppers clockwise as far as they will go ... maybe the hood needs to be moved forward or something? :shrug:

    As stated previoiusly ... it looks a lot better!
  6. I have the same hood (CF) and I need the inserts for the hood when It rains...ANYONE....sorry to highjack the thread ray...

    THE LOOKS F**KING GREAT GOOD im the only rice left..damn the man !
  7. looks really good man. :hail2: :hail2:
    i love the roush kit :nice:
  8. That looks great! I cant believe its the same car. You went from :jaw: :eek: :puke: to :nice: :hail2: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Time for some decent rims...?
  9. i turned the hood stoppers all the way, it went down some now :nice:
  10. those are cool, but do they make ones that are completely full, I dont want any rain or s**T getting in mine, I have a grill in there now. But I could have sworn that someone some were has a full "thing" that covers the hole all the way..??, I hate the rain, during the summer of course I could care less, but right now I need something.
  11. Off topic: what was the outcome with your front brake calipers?
  12. the rotors were so worn out that the pad "superglued itself" to it, Funny you bring that up, I had to buy brand new rotors from brembo and pads, NOT CHEAP...i get her back today..:nice: :nice: Thnks for the checkup..see :SNSign: does care !!
  13. yea im looking for the full grille honeycomb ones, if thats what comes stock. anyone know??
  14. Yup me think you could make em' at lowes or homedepot...??? Maby even plexiglass with some fastners underneath for a clean look
  15. now, anyone know where to just get a driver side running pony that fits in the holes on the fenders like the v6's? just the driver side though, not both...and btw, are they bolted in from the back or do they just like fit in there perfect
  16. Get it from Ford. That's where I got mine from.

    They just stick in with Double Sided tape.
  17. i'd rather order it without going to the ford dealership..
  18. i think teh fornt looks good - but ditch that pony corral grille. grilel delete witht eh floating pony looks much better IMO.

    and im nto a fan of the spoiler.

    does look better than before though, and you seem happy with it so ::nice: