yep- tires.

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  1. ive been reading a bit and just thought id ask out right- what do you all think would be decent for central Virginia - a bit of snow, decent amount of rain, but mostly dry. ive got 3.73's and right now ive got Continental conti extremes which i haven't been too impressed track racing at all..ive seen General Exclaim UHP mentioned at bit...any input? id really like to not get nailed on cost.
  2. If you want to get the most out of your car experience wise, you run an appropriate tire for the season.

    Three of the seasons you run on a summer performance tire: take your pic

    One season on a separate set of rims, you run a winter tire.

    7 degrees this moring in Chicago with a -12 windchill, 150 lbs of dead weight in the trunk, Blizzaks and even on ice/snow covered roads the GT made it look easy.

    All around tires are like well rounded people, good at most stuff but generally not great at anything in a nebulous sense.

    I run wide ovals for three seasons and blizzaks for the winter months. Dec thru mid April. The wide ovals run awesome in both the wet and the dry, but keep them out of the snow as they weren't designed to perform in the snow; hence Blizzaks: tires that were made to perform to the highest degree in ice/snow.

    Leave the all seasons for the Ford Taurus group.