YES......A/C is good

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  1. Okay so i was tooling around under the hood about 5 mins ago and found a little sticker that said the car had been converted to r134a A/C system in ' so excited cause it is one less thing i will ever have to do.....yes i am a noob with AC systems and cant tell the difference. :SNSign:
  2. Converting to 134a is easy stuff. :nice:

    But, mine was already converted, charged, and working perfectly when I bought it as well. :D
  3. i know its juss a good thing cause it seems like this week has juss been ruff for the old girl....her radiator is about to let go and she starting leaking from the i was not to happy cause i had a budget for suspension, gears, and a converter and now i have to add a radiator to the list....but i guess she would have needed it eventually
  4. i just got the electrical issue with my daily drive worked out and now I have ac!
  5. What's required to add a/c anyway?? I want to do it on my car at some point... gets a little hot here. My rad just went too! Started off as a small leak but now it's spilling its guts. Getting it replaced on Fri
  6. Dead check out this thread regarding converting ur A/C

    Yea my radiator has a small leak so im trying to milk it for another week or so till i can make an appointment with my local speed shop for some mods and a new radiator :nice:
  7. Thanks man, I'll look into it.