Electrical Yes Another Ccrm Thread With Possible Solution

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  1. Uuugh so my fan decided not to come on AGAIN... I believe the reason why i burn threw CCRM's is because i use the Lincoln Mark 8 fan that has a 40+ Amp draw when kicking on. (I know its not 2 speed and variable BUT when the ccrm actually works it maintains 180 degrees just using the high setting and programming it in the chip.

    I think the Amp draw on the fan is killing the CCRM internal relay.....

    So my solution....would this work???

    Connecting the fans positive wire using a Solenoid directly from the battery cable (With inline fuse of course) and using the hot wire from the CCRM to trigger it. Anyone done this? I figure this would take the load off the CCRM. I dont want to buy another module to have it crap out on me AGAIN in 6 months to 1 year.

    Alternatively i could use the signal wire straight from the ECM but i see that causing another issue possibly.

  2. That should work and solve the problem if it is as described. Same wiring concept as isolating the headlight switch by using the switch to trigger a relay to turn on the headlights.
  3. Yeah the Mark Fan just makes the CCRM unreliable....looks like i have to find another one on Ebay and get a solenoid.
  4. Why not go to the bone yard, pull a stock 94-95 mustang fan, install it, and drive your car? What am I missing here?
  5. I don't like the stock fan. They don't pull enough CFM. I have a 383 Stroker.....things tend to get hot.

    But i came up with a solution...

    I bought an Auto Cool Fan controller. Made in the USA and a nice piece of equipment. Its fully adjustable and is PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) which is exactly what the Lincoln fan is. It can be manually controlled, can be tied into the A/C, and even runs 1 minute after car car is off to bring radiator temp down.
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  6. Yeah i ended up using the variable controller with the Lincoln Mark fan. At full speed the lincoln fan pulls over 4000cfm. Its easier on the fan because rather than kicking the fan on and off it slows the fan and speeds it up as needed.