Yes, Another "What do you think it is going to make" thread..

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  1. 1993 302.
    Trick Flow Track heat Intake
    Stock TB & EGR apacer
    stock E7's
    Stock 19# Injectors
    Cobra 1.7's Rockers
    E303 Cam
    1 5/8 inch unequal length shorty's
    C.A.T. UDP's
    70mm MAF
    2.5" exaust, Flow's Dumped.

    the reason i have crap heads is the fact i am broke, have no extra cash, and I know i can get better parts. But this is what i have, so i am going to work with it.

    If you think it best i will keep the stock intake on the thing until i get a better set of heads.

    Just curious to see if i can get 260 hp from this combo. thanks!

  2. i hate to be the one to tell you sorry in advance...

    this is one of the most mis-matched combos i have ever seen....

    there i said it....

    you would be lucky to hit 200rwhp....

    not to mention how scary that torque curve is going to look like....
  3. I know it sucks... I wasnt asking 260 Wheel HP, i meant crank.

    I was playing around with desktop dyno and it was saying somewhere at 300. but i dont think there is anyway with the stock heads N/A.
  4. okay..

    250 crank then..

    just put the trick flow intake on there now... the runers are already long enough since its efi...

    i wouldnt spend another dime on this combo unless its on heads...

    but your money so do whatever u want.
  5. Oh trust me i want heads. If i had an extra 900 bones lying around i would have the patriot freedom 185's like yesterday! I do however have another set of E7's that have been "ported" by their previous owner. i was thinking of hogging them out and throwing them on as i already have them and i have the MAC bit's here. But eh...

    Thanks for the replies!

  6. just bc they have been ported doesnt mean they are better...depends on how good the port was...

    i would research heads more before you buy the patriot ones... there are better heads for the price out there...not to mention the valve train on those heads are probably junk
  7. 260 crank, maybe just about. Agree that you need better heads.
  8. hey bullitt95, just really got a chance to look at your sig for the first time... pretty nice numbers/times for stock head w/ a auto congrats:nice:
  9. Thanks. I also have a slew of other bolt-ons (C&L 76mm CAI/MAF kit, Summit Racing 75mm TB, ASP underdrive crank pulley, MAC 1-5/8" long tubes, custom O/R H-pipe, straight-through mufflers, 190lph fuel pump, BBK AFPR), did a smog pump/EGR delete, did 111lb of weight reduction, and replaced rear upper/lower control arms.
    Tranny is an AODE with 4R70W internals and a Transgo HD2 shift kit. Heads are DIY-ported (pocket ported throats/bowls, smoothed short side radii, teardropped valve guide bosses, removed thermactor bumps) with stock valves.

  10. why not upgrade the valvtrain since you put the 1.7 rockers in there? although it doesnt change the lift too much, its a nice safe-net. plus will help support power in higher rpms...

    unless of course your getting rid of the e7s soon?

    or going with some type of forced induction?
  11. If I keep overdrive off, the engine still pulls happily to 5500rpm in 3rd where I trap at the 1/4 so I'm not too concerned about upper rpm power at the moment. I'm very happy with my combo as it is but I'm tempted to upgrade the heads later on, swap in a 3000rpm stall PI Stallion converter, and install a Baumannator TCS to extend the powerband to 6000rpm. Those upgrades should get me into the high 12's but it's the cost that's putting me off. I got to where I am on a relatively low budget. Maybe I'll win the lottery some day. ;)
  12. low budget...ha yea im in high school... so enough said...

    but anyways...

    for the money beefing up the auto... why no t5 swap? the t5 should shave off a couple secs right there....
  13. It might shave off a couple of tenths but not two full seconds. Here in the UAE, T5's are very hard to find and a swap would be too costly. The T5 would also need to be upgraded to cope with the 360+lbft of engine torque that I have. Not worth it. My auto's already beefed up somewhat anyway and I like it.
    If I'm going to do any more mods at all they're most likely to be:

    AFR 165 heads: $1400 + $600 shipping
    PI Stallion converter: $800 + $300 shipping
    Baumannator TCS: $400 + $100 shipping

    None of them are cheap so you could say I've reached the point of minimum returns with more weight reduction as the only inexpensive route I have left to a lower ET. Even drag slicks are expensive over here and they're not street legal.

  14. i would def agree that your kinda stuck until you get heads...

    the AFRs are good heads...but not the best like everyone thinks...
  15. I wouldn't say that's a bad set up. instead of the e cam stay with a stock cam and put that money to a 70mm tb. that setup with some good gears should run you into the 13s quite easily and drive like a stock car and get really good mpg
  16. Agree about Charlie sticking with the stock cam but for a different reason. The E cam together with 1.7 rockers will produce a valve lift of 0.529" and the stock valve springs can't cope.
    A larger throttle body won't do much at this stage except quicken throttle response so that can wait.
    The stock unported heads are the major bottleneck here so I think he should save his money for better heads. I'd have bought them myself if it wasn't going to cost me $600 in shipping for aluminium heads and $900 for iron heads to the UAE. That's why I chose to port my E7's instead.
  17. I knew about the limiting factor with my valve springs. i was going to get a set of offset keepers to help with that. I am also going to try my hand at porting the heads that are on the engine now. been researching that a little. figured if i can at leat gasket match them and clean up the bowl area a little that should help.

    I am going to buy heads next year. been saving all my pocket change from the end of the day. start that sometime. you would be flabbergasted at how much you aquire at the end of a month.

    maybe i will just toss the engine in there stock with the headers and UDP's.