Yes Another Wheel And Tire Question.


New Member
Feb 22, 2018
Northern California
I hate to be that guy. I’m the one to just read the already hundreds of posts on this topic and come to my own conclusions. BUT this time I need your help. From what I have read on forums and .com’s it says a 225 50 16 will fit a 66 mustang just fine. When I go to a site like tire rack and pick out a nice 16x8 wheel it only gives me the option to put on a 225 55 16 tire. I’m assuming the 55’s will create a fitment issue and that’s why a 50 is recommended. Am I crazy? Why can’t I get a 50 tire on a 16x8 wheel of my choosing? Thanks in advance for your help. I’m interested in the American racing Baja wheel if anyone is interested.
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