YES..Both sold tonight.

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  1. I sold the truck this afternoon,and my tri I can get the new tri ax for my Mach...hate the stock.
  2. What kind of truck was it?

    Tri-ax are nice, I went MGW after I was going to try UPR but that didnt work out. Steeda was next in line though, I hear they are among the best for all out ripping gears.
  3. It was my wifes old 97 Sonoma,ran good..but has a 173k on the ticker, and ac compressor went a couple months ago.Getting $2500 cash for it tomorrow when the bank opens.just bought her a Taurus,better fuel economical for her to get to work(45 miles a day round trip),plus she still has her 1970 Ford F100 trucj she's starting a complete frame off rebuild....and yes she is goin to do the work herself.

    Ive driven cars with just about all the shifters on them...friends.But i like the Tri ax the best.The pro 5.0 are kinda loose feeling,B&M just didnt like,MGW was good but the triax was just a better feel to me.Now the Roush shifter is really nice but im not gonna put out that kind of cash for a shifter.And this damn stock feels like a stick in a bucket of

    Now later this week some tint installed,maybe springs and maybe exhaust,otherwise the exhaust and springs will be next month or so_Oh and got my rear letter inserts on the way along with the black vinyl for the rear....cant wait.
  4. Did you get what you wanted for the Tri-Ax or did you have to lower the price?
  5. I love my tri-ax!!
  6. Well I got a descent amount for it,$145,I was wanting at least $130 for it.I shouldve let it be a bid war but I thought that I would try the buy it now.Some of the ones that sold for the $100 range were the shifter only,so I dont think 130 would have been asking to much for the whole thing,with shipping included,One guy offered 115 and I tild him that I would accept 115+shipping(costs $11.00),he said he wasnt gonna pay shipping.....come on.anyways worked out and sold it for 145.:nice:
  7. I did too fr the very short time I had it installed,now for a new one that works on mine.
  8. Sounds good man.
  9. You had a 99-04 GT right? I think the Tri-ax for that car and a Mach are the same, they both sport a TR-3650.
  10. Yeah I had a early 2001 GT with with the T45 tranny,the Mach is a 3650,early to mid 01's had t45,mid 01-04 have 3650.If the sticker on the driver door jamb has a K under the TR code,then its a 3650,if it has a 5 or 6 I think,then its a t45.
  11. Oh. Bummer, it would have been nice to just swap it over. Honestly though, you got more than enough for yours to snag another one. I got mine for like $80 or something like that on Ebay. Just search Steeda, about 3 pages of crap comes up, mostly Tri-Axs. And I'm with you man, I love the feel I get from my Tri-Ax. I've yet to feel an MGW under driving conditions, but I can't imagine much better than what I have now. Of course, I did drive for 6 years on old T5s with stock shifters, so I was like a welfare kid winning a million bucks when I jumped in my 04.
  12. Its all goin good now,won a 3650 tri ax off ebay for $89.00...the guy supposedly bought the wrong one,windows tinted in the morn,letters and vinyl comes friday,and getting the Flow 44's on this week to next week.Thought of getting the catback instead of doin weld-ins but i havent been able to find Flow 44's in a catback,besides its only gonna be $200 for both flows installed.Then either May or June might lower it...dunno yet.:D.I know its little stuff but it doesnt always take much too make me happy for awhile.
  13. I'd save the money and get weld-ins, the Mach's tubing is already good and it has nice tips. How much is tint costing you? I'm due and i have no idea how much it costs.
  14. Yeah im gonna do weldins.The tint is costing 120 total and this guy did my gt 4years ago and he doew good work,my gt never peeled,bubbled...nothing,the day I got rid of looked as good as the day he did it.
  15. I wonder if the prices are comparable around here. I gotta get tint before the summer is out. Also, weld ins on these cars are totally worth the money. On an old fox, I'd say no, but Ford stepped up a bit with the piping on these cars.
  16. :Word: