Yes Foxbody longtubes fit on a 94-95.

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  1. I've got the 1 3/4" longtubes for a Fox and I will admit I was a bit nervous putting them in but once I got the transmission mounted and the motor sitting on the motor mounts these headers fit amazingly!!!! They clear absolutely everything and it took me all of 15 mins to have them mounted and installed with header bolts. Man oh man did that make my day yesterday! No beating required. :hail2:
  2. Good to know. :nice:

    Now, can you tell me if the $1,000 Kooks header set up on my Cougar will swap over to a '96-'04 Mustang?
  3. Is that with a T-5?
  4. I have the 93 headers too with a TKO 600
  5. what brand?

    steering shaft run through primaries?

    egr used?
  6. That's good information, thanks! I'll keep that in mind if I ever decide to up my header size because I have the TKO as well.
  7. No this is with a T56
  8. They are BBK and they fit between the steering shaft and the block. The headers do not have a place for EGR and my intake does not either. So no, no EGR.
  9. I'm not trying to be an ass but the ONLY reason they will NOT fit is if you have a 94/95 t-5 setup. The clutch fork is in a different position, if you switch to an 87-93 style t-5/tko setup OR a t-56 the fox headers should work fine.

  10. This very well might be the case. I had to replace the clutch fork today (stupid tab broke off) and the replacement clutch fork is a 93 and earlier Mustang one. Even then I cannot believe these $350 headers fit so well. Hell most of the time headers you buy that are made for the car you have don't fit 100%.
  11. Im thinking about doing the MAC longtubes on mine but I have an auto have any of you ever done this and how agervating is it to do plus can the tranny be removed with the headers in place???
  12. aode+LT's = a pain, for me anyways.
    i had to do some grinding, thats fine, but i have to bend the trans lines too, not looking to do that.

    chanches are you wont be able to pull the trans out, the collector sits underneath the pan on some (my friends mac or bbk does this) and the bell wont fit between the collectors. its not reeal bad to unbolt them and just move them over.
  13. was jsut wondering. fixin to build the tranny and wanted to do the headers at the same time. so I guess it would bew ten times easier to di it with the tranny out. trying to see how much trouble its gonna be. wondering if I should just go ahead and jack up the motor to begin with or will the tranny being out be enough to slide them into place
  14. Do you have the regular aluminum T-56 bellhousing on there?
    I have the Steel McLeod SFI on my T-56, and would like to go with longtubes, but never knew if they were going to fit.
  15. I've got the aluminum bell
  16. Ive been thinking of doing long tubes next year for the power but have always been confused about what will fit and what wont. If I do this it will be w/ a 3550 Tremec and a Maxium Motorsports K member
  17. BTW they will not be emmision legal
  18. Give them a shot man. More than likely they will fit and even if they don't its only $349 and if they don't fit you can send them back to Summit/Jegs. I talked to them about this and they said as long as I didn't beat them up they could take them back.

  19. Its something I'll look into. Anyone around here have any before/after numbers with shorty VS Long Tubes? I have no doubt I'll pick up power just not sure how much and if it will be worth the cost of new headers and mid pipe
  20. "Depends" just remember the air that goes in the motor has to go out of it. My motor is a little high reving 400hp 331 and I was told by some 8-10 second Ford pushrod owners that I would have even benefitted from some wide bolt patern headers so the headers wouldn't neck down at the heads. So the more power your car makes the more it will benefit from a good flowing exhaust. I'd say on my setup shorties vs longtubes would be a 15-25rwhp difference IF you could get shorty headers in 1 3/4" tubes to begin with.

    Redline look at the 400cid LSX guys...they are running 1 7/8" stepped to 2" runner longtube headers!!!!

    Don't put alot of money on top of the motor only to choke it up on the bottom.