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  1. I have been following the things going on is this Forum for awhile,
    The things that seem to be getting out of hand is the outright attacks. :eek:

    Even if I don't think ANYONE should take a GT500 and make a movie clone out of it, :shrug: It's their car and can do as they please.
    But to stand on one's pulpit an spew trash about others for their beliefs shows me that they are childish at best.

    As some have posted that the movies have done much for the classic cars,
    they have also made it harder on those working with a budget and in their garages.

    A little :stick: for Fun is one thing, But getting nasty for no real reason is :bs:

    I chose this Forum over others because of the Truley Knowledgable group of People that post here, There are Lots with good information and Ideas.
    I reply when I think I can help or even take those easy shots too(but in FUN)
    and hope that if I needed some insight or help that it would be there.

    We all visit this Forum with the Classic Mustang as the center peice.
    Be it Stock, Restomod or allout POS, :flag:

    So Please let's not turn it into a RICERS forum. :(
    with the mine is better than yours :bs:

    Just MY opinion
    Flamesuit ON.
  2. Here here! Let's all have a beer!

  3. Too old, can't even have a regular soda anymore, but I will toast with a diet soda though! :nice:
  4. I share your sentiments, idealistic as they may be. The problem is that it isn't about a car. It's about personalities. Some do not work and play well with others. Simple as that. I have played the ignore game, and it hasn't gotten anywhere. I want our forum back, and passive agressive has proved ineffective. If you use the search function, you will find that there is one single source of this angst, and it isn't only about some movie car. It is centered around one member. There is a simple solution to our collective problems. I patiently (though less patiently than before) await this action. :nice:

    Edit: And so it ends. FWIW, if you can view this Hop, no hard feelings. I don't think you are a bad guy, I just don't think your particular chemistry mixed well in this social laboratory we call the StangNet classic forum. Good luck with your car (which I still like, not that you did or ever will believe me on that one) and life. God bless. :flag:
  5. I think the people who argue are too protective of their Ego, or their Id. (I'm not trying to p.o. anyone, it is just how it is. Pack dogs fight to become the alpha male, it is a born in trait with animals, and I, am not a vegetable)

    I think we should all keep in mind that what this forum should mirror is a whole bunch of guys (and girls) with stangs hanging out in a car park with each other, sitting on their stangs, talking, and feeling the comradery of something common and passionate to all in the group. Deep knowledge of a subject also brings deeper connection between people. If you're really into stangs, and you're talking to some guy who doesn't know crud about cars, the conversation isn't going to go well, but if you're both hard into it, it's going to be a struggle to try not to interrupt the other by saying something.
  6. Just for the record.............

    No I am not back, I have returned for just a moment as I really feel some air needs to be cleared here first. There are just too many unresolved issues for me to be comfortable with. I know some of you have heard some of this on PM's already but here it goes anyway.

    I’m sure a lot of you figure that I am absolutely thrilled over what happened to Hop, but you could not be more wrong and I really don’t care who believes that or not. Given the choice I would have preferred this issue been resolved in any other way than this but sadly it wasn’t.

    I know damn well that I can be quite the jackhole when I want to be. I also know that I am very opinionated as well (in fact I was told so on my very first serious review 12 years ago and my reply to my boss was “well, you know what I think about that?”) Yes, obviously I am a smartass as well but I put a lot of thought into the opinions I form, I do not make them by flipping a coin or simply choosing the opposition and ya know what, I do have some redeeming qualities too. It may seem like I just want to hear myself talk sometimes but the truth is that I come here only to put back some of the knowledge I have taken out, take a penny leave a penny, that’s what makes the world go round. That and to share experiences with folks I thought were kindred spirits. That was my 1st mistake though I guess.

    I originally never had an issue with Hop or with anyone wanting to make themselves a movie car, if it floats your boat go for it. Personally I will never agree with doing it to a real GT500 since it seems like a downgrade to me no matter how reversible it is, that is just how I feel and I am entitled to that. My issue has always been with Shelby mass producing a custom car that was created by someone else and it always will be, it was not personal but he made it that way and so while I did not always dislike him I grew too and then it naturally became defensive and personal. After the first blow out some months ago you all got on my case and asked me to stop it and I did. I avoided his threads and any we were in together, I never replied to or about him, even when he entered my threads instead of also complying with the board’s wishes. Now, according to comments made on that now locked thread by some folks like El1nor for example, I should have also avoided any and all topics regarding Eleanor, Shelby’s, or anything even remotely related to the type of car Hop owns (what is this prison?) because how would I like it if he went looking for threads about 69 convertibles and berated them. The answer is simple, go right ahead. Just because I own one does not mean I am for them in any and every way possible. In fact, I can’t remember the company, but they made a custom orange/red one that looks like a frickin’ Camaro they own too and I hate it!!!!! I’ll be the first to give my negative opinion on it and if yours differs, good for you. My god, Hop is not 5 and I should not have to be the one who curbs myself and walks on eggshells just to avoid some discomfort for all of you. He’s the one that spouts religious babble (doesn’t act it but spouts it) yet you all seem to expect me to be the one who acts like Jesus and lead by example? What the hell? Sure I have made mistakes, but I contribute too and for that I expected some sort of scale of justice to be weighed in accordance but that was apparently too much to expect because this was all viewed as personal or some ridiculous alpha dog syndrome. Bah! I suppose I should have felt vindicated by not being the one who was banned, but I sure don’t and that was why I still chose to leave.

    So Hop, if you’re watching, I’m not going to be around anymore either even though I can be, so nobody won this one, all right? Well, no one except the folks left here who no longer have to be burdened with our little feud, a feud that never should have been if we could all manage to be entitled to our own opinions on a public forum without it becoming personal.

    Sorry for the long and I am sure boring post but I needed to get that off my chest once and for all so feel free to now do the same and chime in and tell me how wrong my own personal feelings are. And for those few who showed me some support whether they agreed with me or not I sincerely thank you and hope to see you on whatever other board I pick as my new home.

  7. I hope you change your mind pak and choose to stick around, you are a valuable member of stangnet and your input is greatly appreciated. I was one who grew tired of the constant arguing, and rather than choose sides, I tried to hit it in the middle just to have it stopped.

    I was offended by many of the comments made about the French, not because I am French, but it is that type of prejudicial attitude that leads to hatred and problems in our world. That is a discussion meant for another place, much like the comments about the Iraqi people, does that really belong here? Therefore, I guess I am pointing the finger at Hop in this instance, when was his last post in the tech section? IMO, there isn't a proper place anywhere for the prejudicial comments being posted here. However, the thread continues to be unlocked yet a classified post gets hammered. Does he even have one? El1nor was opinionated but respectful, and you can't ask for anything more than that. So, in closing, Pak, thanks for "being the bigger man" earlier, and I hope you change your mind and stick around. Hop, if you come back with an alias, I hope you can contribute positively to the stangnet forums. Best of luck either way to the both of you.
  8. I hope you decided to stick around too Pak. You need to see what your great "motivation" has inspired me to do.
  9. PS, In my opinion, it seems as though Hop feels he needs to justify his and all other Eleanor clones, the Shelby involvement and everything else about Eleanor to everyone. Maybe this is a need he has to fulfill for feeling guilty about converting a real Shelby to a clone of a fake car. Hop, when you read this, we have had many pleasant conversations and I truly wish you well on your project and in general, but after seeing this go on and on, it seems like you are only here to stir the pot and defend Eleanor. As mentioned, I hope you can return as a contributing member, and share some of your experiences in rebuilding your car. :nice:
  10. Pak, by leaving, you let him win. You can't beat a counter puncher.
  11. i too think pak should stick around, he's one of my favorite people here, maybe because we both have 69's and are both from Texas, i don't know. personally i never really had anything against hop, but i think he did try to stir the pot a little too often and i even told him so in a pm once. there is one other poster on here that annoys the hell out of me too i think most people know who he is and while i do respect his views and opinions on how to make the best out of a pretty much stock stang when we start talking about modifying one with aftermarket parts he always seems to get on his high horse and start telling us how we don't need to do any of that stuff and he is really getting on my nerves, i can't mention his name because i don't want to get in trouble again and i have been trying really hard to just ignore his posts but sometimes i just want to reach through the screen and smack him. ok sorry i got off the subject there. anyway pak if you are reading this please don't leave SN permanently, maybe take a few days off or something to collect your thoughts but not permanently.
  12. Don't get your panties in a bunch because of things like this. Just be like me and speak your mind. If others don't like what you say then it's too bad. The truth hurts sometimes.
  13. I think there has to be a certain level of common sense when you speak though, I haven't seen it from you yet.
  14. I think it is great that people have opinions, but people with strong opinions must allow others to have theirs too. These are only cars, and in the grand scheme of things, probably couldn't rate lower on the importance scale.

    Live and let live.

  15. I couldn't agree more.:nice:
  16. It's too bad we can't be MORE like kids :) You know they get in a scrap and 5 minutes later they are playing like long lost friends. I think you should both buck up say sorry and get on with the reason were all here... Love of ALL Mustangs.
  17. Pakrat, you can't leave, I'm not done picking on you :D

    We're all suppose to be having fun here, I think a lot of people need to lighten up.
  18. :( Pak leaving, Seems like too many others lately.
    Hop :shrug: Too much Drama.

    Live and let live is fine as long as the other side agrees too.

    Lighten up, If I got any lighter I'd be floating. :D

    Those who wish to Slash each other, Take it to the Forums below.

    Every one has an Opinion, Thats Mine.
  19. Thought I'd weigh in too.

    Pak, stay put, just do like myself and take vacations.

    I also had an early skirmish with Hop. My feelings are that based on my being a SAAC national officer, the level of altering of a genuine Shelby GT-500, and my own feelings of disgust for Ol' shel himself seemingly whoring himself out to whomever will give him money. (MY OWN OPINION, PLEASE!) After our words, I elected to avoid, since I felt he was not a person willing to compromise and listen. Oddly, after that I won the Superbowl pool and he was very sincere in sending me a beautiful 65 Mustang Convertible as the prize! I think all of us have had "in's" with members here, as I have also had "issues" with Historic, and now just leave him alone. My own life has been pretty hard the last few years, and I find STANGNET a great place to escape to, do research for my magazine work, and make friends (I have had the pleasure of meeting BBFCM and PAK).

    Loosen your shorts, come on back!

    Besides, since I sold Chepie, we need you to be the leader of VERY ELITE Stangnet 1969 Convertible Mustangs Owners Association!

    OK said my piece.

  20. Well, It appears that he has magically been unbanned somehow, so I see little point in my continuing to stay away then I guess :rolleyes: . However, I am sticking strictly to answering tech questions when I can be of assistance, no more chatting or :bs: 'ing around on this forum for me.