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  1. Red chilled out..................for now. Glad your back.
  2. OH, and to hell with the '70 Ragtop Guys,,,,, I see how you are :shrug:
  3. Worth!

    You are the Grand Poo-Bah of the even MORE ELITE 1970 convertible owner's Association! :nice: :banana: :hail2: :hail2:

    (i was going to word it as 69/70, But I had guessed that you would have wanted automony for the 1970 andRARER 1970 convertibles!!!) :spot:

    Yeesh! :rlaugh:
  4. Yes, I am back. Maybe temporarily but we,ll see. Just want to say a few things about all this, then Ill drop it.
    If anyone here thinks Eleanor looks like a rebodied, overdone Dodge Demon fitted with a Yugo front clip, thats A-ok by me. But dont insult the guy building his toy JUST because you dont like that toy. Everyone has and is entitled to their opinion , but dont insult someone because yours may differ. If a thread called "I hate Eleanor because shes butt ugly" was started , my post would say something like " what would you had changed on it ? "No hostility at all.
    But if the thread was "Guys that build Eleanor are ...... " , well, I may have shown up with a battle flag. We all build Mustangs because we love them, and we want a cool looking car. In reality, if you didnt like the attention your toy brings,( maybe a thumbs up or someone pulling over to inquire) youd trade it in on a Chevy Citation Wagon. And everyone here knows thats the truth. I hope Pak does not leave the forum , as he does indeed contribute quite a bit. And truth be told, I dont dislike the guy. I think hes intelligent, pretty sharp, knowledgable and probably quite friendly . Hes just been very vocal about the GT500 in the past, which escalated us to this state. This kit is easier to remove than light rust. So we dont see eye to eye on a car. So what. :shrug: I would never have started with a PRISTINE GT500, but mine was in real bad shape. Thats how I could afford it. So I call a formal truce here with him. Ive preached Christianity here in the past too , so Ill try and practice better. 65, I know we prolly aint goin fishin next weekend, but I still forgive and forget the threat and continue to pray for your speedy recovery. Anybody that was perturbed by Pak and myselfs feud, I apologize for my part. If you ran to the pooter see the next wave of attacks, well, glad ya enjoyed it.. :rolleyes: From this moment on, I will TRY ( Im only human) to not respond to any personal snipes and be a better Stangnet dude. :banana: And let me just reiterate, I NEVER had, have or will have a problem with ANYONE that doesnt like Eleanor. Never. I only got miffed over personal attacks. :banana:
  5. I like the 67 Eleanor. I think that it is a unique car and a work of art. It's a form of abstract automotive artwork. That's what I would call it.
  6. I have no problem with that whatsoever, but let's be honest too. Hop, many of us have silently followed along for some time with just about everything you have had to say at the Custom fastback website, and it's pretty clear that you chose the role to defend your gray goddess on all fronts and differing opinions, not just those on a personal level. It was a crusade of sorts. I still think it only became personal once I felt that any opposing opinion was not going to be heard or any negative comments on the car in general. Regardless, that is the past, so who really cares. We've both taken our share of cheap shots as the first line of defense and it would appear we are both willing to seek out a more prosperous future, so if a truce is what you want than I have no issues with meeting you half way. (Obviously there must be some French blood in you afetr all. :rolleyes: )
  7. :D I did in the beginning , your quite right. When Id read some bashing going on perhaps I was a bit overzealous in my defense. And yes, the stance I took in the beginning was probably not the best way to go. But I NEVER had a prob with any claims of "I just dont like the way she looks". Who in the hell would I think I am if I did? Eleanor will always be a controversial issue with the Mustang crowd. Guys like me that love the way she looks, guys that dont, and guys that wanted a 67 fastback and now cant afford one. For the latter I truly hate this, because I wish every guy out there could have the toy he wants. These cars were made so that any feller , not just a Rockafeller could afford one. :rolleyes: Mine I got relatively ( mid 40s) cheap . I knew it would be my only chance to ever get one , I didnt have to pay a shipping bill since it was here in NC , and it ran. I promise you and anyone else concerned, the El parts can be removed easier than light rust. Oh yeh, I know I took a lame shot at your toy too, but I gotta say out here in front everyone that I fibbed. I know youll never like El but ,,.ok... ahem. Your vert is bad ass. There I said it. :rolleyes:
  8. I love you man!!! :D
  9. Well in that case since I had to sell my beloved fastback, do you know where I can get a 67-68 project vert, even if it is just a I want something that needs a complete restoration.
  10. But see, when the movie first came out I did like the car, as a one of custom movie car. My issue has never been about the looks with the exception of the hood scoop treatment. I did not even mind them creating a kit so that some hobbiests could make a clone for themselves, it was when Carroll got involved that I had to draw a line in the sand. Like my KFC scenario, I simply can not endorse something in any respect when I think an injustice is being done, that's just me, like not eating tuna during the whole Dolphin thing. Now I know you are friends with all these top dogs and of course it's their business and they will disagree with me, that's fine. Sure Caroll donates money to charity, but he's no Paul Newman either, he makes quite a buck off it, quite an inflated buck and it's off of Chips sweat not his. His endorsement does not make it a real Shelby in my eyes and certainly not in the eyes of folks who labored over fine cars like your own to proudly return them to their former state of being. Bringing you into my issues with it on a personal level was obviously wrong regardless of what I thought I had to defend, but I am as passionate in my side of it as you are in yours. I may not be as big hearted in the donations as Carroll claims to be, but I donate 40 hours a year to community service thru my company as well all the corporately sponsored events I join in for Timberland, you'd be surpirsed how much this company gives back, and I don't make a dime off of it, (except the warm feeling I get inside) in fact I usually have to work longer hours to make up the time and at salary it actually cost's me money to do more, that is charity.

    Oh yeah, and you know how Ben & jerry's donates 5% of their proceeds to charity, well I also donate 5% of my proceeds to buying Ben & Jerrys. :D

  11. ""youd trade it in on a Chevy Citation Wagon""

    They didn't make Chevy Citation Wagons, Dummy! Sheesh! :lol:
  12. Oh. My bad. :rolleyes:

    I pretty much agree with you on those points Pak . As far as how I feel about the continuation Shelbys, I think UM makes a heck of a car. He uses top of the line components ,and they are rotisserie restored, nut by nut. So naturally they wont be cheap. But better this going on with 475 Mustangs than Firebirds.. Here is a clip that Doug Hasty put over on the Eleanor site.

    The cars that we start with have been in wrecking yards or garages for many years. The parts that we take off are sent back to the market so that other enthusiasts can restore their cars. Other parts are sent to vocational schools for the class to learn about automotive tech. We have at least a school a month sending the kids here. We are constantly developing new products for the mustang enthusiast if he bothered to visit our online store.
    If he had follow the market closely he would see that Unique could not be the cause of the increase in the mustang market. All muscle cars have been on the increase since the down turn in the stock market. People are investing their money in other venue's and the muscle car market is it.

    I think everyone knows the Es are top of the line. Its the politics of it all that causes the heat. The political part of it is Shelby. Some guys like yourself and others of the purists mindframe will never accept them as a real bonified Shelby. I understand both schools of thought , the first being it wasnt a Shelby in 67, its not now. And the second being its built to or above standards , its in the registry, its a Shelby. Then comes the aftermath with the avid Mustangers. Politics. Opinions . Im not arguing with anyone on this matter , its their personal opinion. I respect them . Im just glad its Mustangs and not Hondas. I did a little community service last year too. It was part of my parole. :rlaugh: Just kiddin.
    You checked www.Cars on Line for that vert Oz?