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  1. I was thinking fot the rear
  2. That is a VERY good price. The one's I looked at cost allmost twice that.
  3. :lol: :rlaugh:
  4. Not a bad idea personally, since you can get the front rotors in pretty much any bolt parttern you want thanks to the hot rodders. Would make for real easy 5 lug conversions, and still be able to keep the factory rims for the purists(Impala) by just changing out the rotors, and taking off the adapters. Best of both worlds there imo
  5. Aren't those things supposed to be unsafe? I know we've had these superheated discussions before on how spacers can work there way loose. I don't have any experience with them but I know they are getting very popular especially with the first generation Mustangs.

  6. no, these are the safe kind, the unsafe ones are the slip on ones

    like these

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  7. i have spacers. i've only had 'em for about a month, but no probs yet...crossing fingers here...
  8. I'm bringing this allllllll the way back up from the grave. I have some fox 10 holes on my car, and they need to be pushed out away from the inner fender, cause it rubs on it badly. The link no longer works, and I dont see anything roaming through the main site.

    Any ideas?

    Edit: I think I found the page, but I'm not sure which ones I'd need.
  9. I have a set of 10-holes in my shed, I dont know how they will look, do you have a pic? I currently have a set of Turbines on my White Cobra II. I REALLY like the way they look on that! My turbines dont rub at all though! Im running 225/50/15 right now, but plan on running 235/60/15 in rear and 205/60/15 in front when I replace my tires with BFG's!
  10. Hey bud, i looked and I think you need the

    4 hole to 5 hole bolt pattern change (each)

    4HOL 4.25" TO 5HOL 4.50"X2"
    SKU#: 4425-5450-4-5KL

    Or 4HOL 4.25 to the bolt pattern you want.

    It is one page 3.. down at the bottom
  11. I would like to issue a warning on those spacers.
    I used them on the front of my 76 when i decided to use 88 tbird rims for a while.the first night I had them on, I was coming home from work, the lug nuts stripped off the studs because there wasn't enough thread to hold.
    needless to say I got lucky,and the wheel stayed under the fender.But what a mess! I was also lucky that I managed to slow down before it happened,when I noticed something was going wrong.
    If you use spacers,make sure that you have enough stud thread to hold them.
    Gluing them or epoxying them exactly centered wouldn't hurt either.
  12. Right now I just have some ****ty slip on ones. I know, I'm stupid. They're like these:


    I'd like a bit of a wider one however, cause it barely clears the inner fender. Problem is, all the small spacers I've found are either too thin, or they're too wide of a spacing.

    I want like a 1/2" spacer, I find 1/4" or 1.5"+

    The wheels are fox 10holes, the tires are Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pros, 26x10.5x15

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  13. Yeah well you got it all wrong. There's NO WAY in hell I'm gonna trust a CHUNK of aluminum to hold my wheels on. Anyone remember the Roto-lug?? Yeah.. I don't think so.

    The slip on (as you guys are referring to, the $hitty ones) are by far much better. Anyone with 1/2 a brain knows better than to use these with stock length lug studs. Change 'em out, they're a buck or less a piece for cryin out loud. For a fact, the Circle Track class i use to run (Street Stocks) allowed the use of 1/2" sandwich spacers on the wheels, if we desired more offset, since our class was designated a specific tire size and wheel. Now you sit here and tell me what's gonna break first in a hard corner... the aluminum spacer SANDWICHED between two steel surfaces with studs going ALL THE WAY THROUGH -or- an chunk of aluminum bolted to the hub and trusting it's studs (which are held into the aluminum ONLY) to secure your wheel to the vehicle... heh... no guess here which one I'D run...
  14. I'd really like to get a 1/2" spacer in there. Here's my car with the ten holes, a 1/4" spacer, and Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pros (26x10.5x15)