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  1. I have been looking everywhere I can think of without an answer. I want to change the driving belt of my 07 Mustang GT to a timing chain. I have been drifting and will add more power to drift more. I don't know how much the engine can take but I will find out somehow. Any information you guys can give me would really help.
  2. :shrug: Mr.Q, I'm with you. I think we may need an interpretor.:stick:
  3. I can only assume that you want to swap the rubber belt that connects the crank to the cams with a chain..... If that is what you mean, I haven't heard of anyone attempting such a thing, for many reasons.

    Don't be too concerned about it though... you'll have much larger problems with the engine before the timing belt becomes a concern. I'd be willing to bet that you'll punch a hole in the side of the block before the timing belt ever becomes a concern.

    Not that I condone it, or am personally involved in "drifting" at all.... but even being stock, the S197 puts a good amount of power to the wheels. Most of those drifting competetion are just for show. You'd likely be better off modifying the suspension than adding power. Spinning the tires and making smoke is not an issue in this car. Keeping it sideways in a corner can be. Look more to the suspension than the motor. Not to say that more power is not always better.... but in your case, I don't think you'll really need that much more to compete.
  4. I'm confused though. Our motors, as all the mod series motors, use chains. I haven't seen a belt since my turbo 4 TBird.
  5. Ricers use belts. Drifting = Rice .
  6. Mr. Q is right, all Mod motors use timing chains, not belts.
  7. I know that the 2006 drifting champ mustang used a chain because the belt always slipped. I'm not looking for power. I just don't want the belt to expand because of the heat, and there will be heat from constant use. Chains are always best in drag, road course, or drift. I'm currently reinforcing every part I can. The fact that in order to maintain a slide I need to maintain high rpms puts a lot of strain on the entire drive train. I just want to know where I can get a timing chain for my 07 Mustang.
  8. There are at least two or three answers to your question stating that your motor has a timing chain and not a belt. How much more clear can people make it for you?

    Can you let me know where you live, so I can stay away from there? I'm concerned that due to the lack of reading comprehension, you may also be unable to read speed limits, signals, etc and drive 80mph backwards on the sidewalk to work everyday or something.

  9. This thread has a lot of entertainment value... Especially like the pancake bunny :rlaugh: Not sure what it means, but it's funnier than hell.
  10. The only belts near our engines are the accessory drive belts...
  11. alright, I was wrong. like I said I'm a noob and I made an ass out of myself. Thanks for bein the only ones to clear that up. Everywhere else i looked told me it was a belt. Since I can't take apart the engine and look. You guys are the true experts.
  12. FWIW, even if it was a belt, it'd be a little hard to "slip" considering timing belts are basically a cog drive setup, that wouldn't "slip" anyway.
  13. Guys take it easy, he already said he doesn't know much about these cars and was looking for some information. He was either given bad information or misunderstood something.

    Our cars already have timing chains, so no worries there. What you may have heard and misunderstood was probably something with the blower belt slipping. I know a lot of those drifters use blowers with their Mustangs and since you do hold high RPMs you will probably have some belt slippage issues with a blower. Although there is no such thing as a chain drive for any blowers made for our cars, they were probably talking about going to a cog drive setup. A cog belt has "teeth" that inter-mesh on what looks like a gear (pulley). I am pretty sure that is what the 2006 drifting champ was talking about.

    Anyway, good luck with the drifting and welcome to StangNet! :)