Yes...No....Maybe so?

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  1. Welp finally got my wheels on the car after they have been plasti-dipped for kicks and giggles and I love it! Now what I am debating next is if I wanna do the back of the trunk panel flat black sorta like the Mach 1's rear panel? I have a friend in the body paint department that would do it for me. I think it will offset a little and look good.....watcha think?:flag:



    Oh, thats right we were talking about the back :D:rlaugh:


  2. Looks good but the centers should be black tho :nice:
  3. :drool:

    love the centers how they are
  4. Looks Nice.
  5. the flat back they sell a vinal on ebay for like 20$ might wanna try that 1st see if you like it
  6. Looks sinister. I want to see the cobra wheels plasti dipped! Thinking about giving it a shot.
  7. That's the great thing about Plastidip, it can be peeled off super easy. That vinyl won't come off near as easy and could pull clearcoat/paint up if you arn't careful.
  8. ya i did not even think about that. i want to see it if you do it
  9. Dooooo et.

    Wheels look sick.