Yes or No: Is Bassani worth the extra money?

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  1. I've noticed in my search for a cat back exhaust that Bassani is always the most expensive. Are they really better, or is it merely name recognition premium? (From a sound and quality perspective). Is it worth the extra money over say a magnaflow or borla?
  2. IMHO, no - not when your other options are Magnaflow or Borla (both are great products).

    Bang for the buck or if on a budget, I could not justify spending the extra money - I'd rather put the cost difference into the "future mod fund." :)
  3. I went with these for my solid axle swap. Cheaper than the top of the line Bassani pure stainless exhaust that I had for my IRS setup. But I wanted to keep costs down on swap. I have sold my IRS bassani exhaust so I can not offer them to you.

  4. bassani

    Bassani is awesome! NOthing else sounds like it. I guess one could argue that all the exhausts have distinctive sounds though..

    The Bassani sounds awesome. Its quite when you arent on the gas, but if you punch roars

    I waited a long time to get an exhaust. I bought my car in June 02 and just a few months ago got my exhaust. I heard borla, magnaflow (which would be my second choice), MAC, combo of Mac and Bassani X, Loud Mouth SLP?. and others.
  5. Yes, they do have the "sound" over the Magnaflow. I have Magnaflow and have heard both types going down the street one after another. They do have excellent quality but not that much different than Magnaflow and they offer no hp gain over Magnaflow. The only difference would be a little better sound, but you will pay dearly for it. I personally could not justify the extra cost for a little more sound so I went with Magnaflow.
  6. Bassani Street Competition Catback (not quiet thunder) = best sounding catback short of the classic FlOwZ sound.
  7. The only thing that would make them worth the extra money was if you just HAD to have that distinct Bassani sound. There are plenty of other catback systems that sound good, make just as much or more power, are built just as well (stainless steel), and cost less to boot!

    I'd have to say.... no, not worth the extra money.

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    Yeah you can definetely pay less and get as much power with other brands.. So it depends what you are looking for...

    The other thing about Bassani that is a plus in my book is that the X pipe comes with removable cats and extensions to replace them and the cat back comes with removable baffles that really change the sound. I have had my baffles in and out several times trying to decide which way is best. Opted for them out....nice and loud that way...
  9. The Magnaflow catback is designed to accept the Bassani baffles. I have the baffles in mine. They drop the volume by about 30-40% and eliminate the 2,000 rpm drone. A recent dyno test by either MM&FF or 5.0 Mustangs shows no hp loss with the baffles so they are worth it if you want it quieter.
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    ANother cool thing about the Bassani is the four inch tips. I thought they would be too big, but once it was installed it looks like it should have always been that way. They fill up the bumper perfectly.

    You could buy Magnaflow and buy the baffles from Bassani. Make sure you order the right size for your tips. I imagine they would sell them. They sell the extensions to my x pipe separately...

    Then again Magnaflow isnt that loud to begin with. I wouldnt want baffles in it for sure with magnaflow.

    Ive liked all the systems I have heard except that loud mouth exhaust slp i think... and I wouldnt go MAC because the two people I know who got MAC cat backs in 2001 have both rusted pretty bad now.

    I just figure we already spent some $$$$$ for the car might as well go all out and get the best or what you really want....not let a few more $$$$ stop you.
  11. -That's exactly what I was thinking. This car was the most important purchase I've ever made (I'm 24)... and I really leveraged myself to have it. I hate the '05 body style and feel this is the last great muscle car for under 30k right now. ('03 Cobra 'vert). If Bassani has the best sound then I'll probably go with it. I plan on keeping this car forever and want to mod it right.. I'm willing to take my time to get the best aftermarket parts.

    Thanks guys! I think I'm going with Bassani!!!
  12. If that's true you should have done some more research before buying and installing that MAC CAI/MAF combo.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I never said that Bassani is the best quality. Its the sound I like best. I think magnaflow and most other stainless steel exhausts are of equal quality.

    You should go with the sound you like best. I listened to 03 cobras at the track and at meets for two years before deciding! hehehe

    I would personally stay way from MAC because they rust...unless MAC is stainless now...i dont know

    Bassani gives you the most options to adjust the sound with baffles in the pipes and removable cats.....
    although I have heard that going catless just loses even more torque and isnt worth it unless you are going to run some crazy numbers (powerwise)

    ANOther system I like a great deal is the JDM set complete set up. Its maganaflow cat back but JDM's own X pipe and Kooks headers. Its loud but sounds great!

    I would stay away from anything MAC, but thats just from the quality I have seen in their old exhaust systems and from things I have heard about them. MAC White faced guages were pretty lousy too..

    I would go K+N CAI or order JDMs kit.
  14. :lol: :nice:

  15. Name a better one?

    I did lots of research, and unless you can tell me of someone that's had problems with the **'03-04' Cobra 95mm MAF** then your just biased. No other CAI can match the power increase, and the kit is almost too simple to have quality issues. It's just a filter and MAF housing, that's it.

    You could call me out if I had bought a MAC exhaust, but not on this. I haven't had it too long but I've driven it hard and its worked great.
  16. U.M. is well respected on this forum, he must have heard or has some info on the MAC set-up. He's not ragging on you just letting you know you might have been better off with a different CAI. Don't see too many with that set-up. :shrug: As far as the MAC producing the most power, are you sure about that? :rolleyes:
  17. I just put on an SLP cat back on my car last night. The quality was great and the polished tips look awesome. It took me about 1 hour to put it on and drive out of the garage.... The sound.. Well, it's loud. This is my first mod to my 01 Cobra and there will be more. But the sound is a mix between Magnaflow and Flowmasters once opened up... LOUD FlowMasters. hehehe
  18. the JLT setup for the 03/04 Cobras produces great gains too. (and yes it's a PITA to install)
    edit: referring to CAI's of course, not exhaust.

    personally the best sounding cobra IMHO was the one I heard with the JBA Evol, but those Bassani pipes do sound incredible in their own right.
  19. You missed my point! I've never said the MAC didn't produce the most HP of any CAI+MAF system out there. I never said it wasn't a breeze to install, and I never said there were people out there having problems with them!!! I just have issues with the way the MAC straight shot makes some of its power.

    Like with many MAC products, they took the cheap and easy way out. They fool the MAF electronics by using a larger MAF housing (95MM vs 90MM). The added power isn't being made because they have the "best design". They are tricking the ECM into delivering less fuel because the MAF housing flows 70CFM more than what the MAF sensor is calibrated for. This makes the intake charge a little leaner, henceforth more peak HP.

    Now on a stock 03/04 Cobra you can afford to lean out the A/F quite a bit. Most from the factory are a little lean on the bottom end and go pig rich up top. I don't think the little bit the MAC straight shot leans out the A/F is going to hurt on a stock Cobra. My point being there is a more proper, more professional, and safer way to lean out the A/F ratio to make that extra power. Skewing the calibration of an electronic metering device is not the right way to go about it.
    What you got was the aftermarket part that made the most HP, not the "Best" aftermarket part in my opinion.

    I think we've beat this up enough for today....

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    I think there are such small differences between the different CAI kits that its a mute point.

    AND what is MAF VS CAI???

    what the hell man..... hehehe

    All i know is i got a 9 inch open ended open filter from JDM and with their tune and the exhaust I had installed months earlier (BASsani) I gained 35hp and lost 4lbs torque...thank got too much tq