Yes or No: Is Bassani worth the extra money?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Jpjr, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. -I respect your opinion.. I'm sure your right. But to be honest, I don't see a better alternative for my vehicle than the MAC product. I do have a 'stock' Cobra.. and the only other mod I plan on the engine is the lighter pulleys. I don't race the car, just want a class muscle car to enjoy on the open road.

    So from that perspective.. I'm glad I went with the MAC. Based on the other choices out there, I don't think I made a mistake whether its tricking the computer or not. Thanks for the input though if I were a tuner I'd probably rip it off from what you said.
  2. Short and sweet. NO. And to tell you the truth I hate the way Magnaflow's sound also. They sound like their being baffled or something :shrug:
  3. Bassani does have the new BX line of exhaust now as's not stainless like their other exhaust, instead it's aluminized steel like flowmasters or MAC or some others are made out of...perfect if you don't live in a snowy or really wet region, and you still get that nice Bassani sound from them...
  4. I just won a Bassani BX catback off Ebay BRAND NEW for $315. I assume this is the Street Competition and not Quiet Thunder becuase I don't think they make Q.T. catbacks for 96-97 cobras, all i've seen are street comps...but thats great b/c they are louder and sound way meaner. :nice:

    I am hoping to drop .1-.3 off my ET, gain 1+mph, and have a louder, totally [email protected] exhaust note. My Cobra buddy whos had 3 Cobras with various exhausts PROMISED me I would gain at least 1mph by dumping my stock pipes/weld-in flows for a full bassani catback.
  5. Its all about preference. If you want bang for the buck, Bassani is not the way to go. I am willing to spend a few extra bucks to get that sound. Its all about where your priorities are.
  6. umm, I just won a BASSANI catback on ebay for as much as they sell MAC catbacks for. heLLZ YA yO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111 :flag: :spot: :spot:
  7. I have too agree with Miklowcic,the option of running flow tubes or removable cats in the bassani x-pipe is priceless,although im running mine with borla stingers and luv the sound and power.Miklowcic how do you like your Afco heat exchanger?I'm thinking about getting one. :flag:

  8. -I'm making a mochary of my own thread here, but after doing extensive research over the weekend.. I think I'm going to go with the Stinger cat-back instead of Bassani. I guess I really wanted to get the Bassini setup more-or-less for the prestige of it all, but the Borla system seems to have a more throaty/unique sound and the quality is just as high... not to mention less expensive. What really sold me was the fact that they used Borla on the Cobra R. That goes a long way in my book..

  9. no. definately not.
  10. I think you'll be happy with your borla stingers ,I get nothing but compliments with mine from freinds to people on the streets that I dont even know.Make sure you get the ones with the rolled tips :nice: I like the bassani and magna flows sound also,in there own way ,but I dont like the hole in the tail pipe for the baffles,it looks like something missing with out the baffles,oh ya guess there is the wright theres no sound like a borla :flag:
  11. Bassani components are so worth it High quality ,awesome sound.
  12. I agree whole-heartedly. Don't like the sound at all.

    Flowmaster, Bassani Street Competition (not quiet thunder), MAC, are some of the only sounds I like. I like the raw, pulsating, throaty, deep and loud tone.
  13. Dont want to turn this thread into a :flame: throwing contest so i'll just bow out gracefully...although I think other catback systems sound like there underwater too ..but in a folgers coffee can submerged in water with nuts and bolts in them :D "flow masters"sound way to raspy to me :shrug: to be exact, but I guess everyone has a wright to there own opinion :D as far sound clips they dont do any exhaust system justice,alot has to do with were its taped and how far really have to here them in person , :flag:
  14. I have the Bassani cat back, I like the looks and sound of it, but for the money, there are so many OTHER options out there :shrug:
  15. Bassani is one of the best made systems on the market...I truly believe there second to none on quailty....along with Borla of course :D
  16. Yes. :nice:
  17. BORLA and MAGNAFLOW sound awful. Bassani is just the best, and anyone without Bassani wishes they had it deep down. If your going to do something with your stang, save up and get the best, all stainless steel and best sounding exhaust ever. I dont know about you, but I love to scare off every other car on the road...hec I dont even have to race them once they hear the Bassani's :nice:
  18. Thanks for your unbiased OPINION on Borla's & Magnaflows.... :rolleyes:

    Personally I think red is the best color in the world, shall we debate that too?