Yes Or No On Edelbrock Heads

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  1. Ok, I decided it's time for a new top end. My first choice is the TFS 170's. However, I came across a deal on a slightly used set of Edelbrock performer heads (1.90/1.60) with 4k miles on them, with Crane 1.6 rockers and hardened pushrods for $800. They are milled 40 thousands. Stock springs. They are still on his car. Only reason he is selling is he is putting it back to stock.

    If they check out ok, would you guys pull the trigger or pass?

  2. Those are actually pretty decent heads. As long as they are in good shape, I would go for it.

  3. Sounds like a good deal to save some scratch. I would do it if all checks out well
  4. I'm running worked performer rpm's. Nothing to compare em to, but I have no issues
  5. What springs are on the heads? Looks like that guy is hooked up for spray. That's a good deal if the heads check out and it's all usable for your engine.
  6. I'd swap the springs but yeah...go for it!
  7. I just really like the trick flow heads personally. I had to have a lot of port work done to a set of performer rpms to match the performance of the tw170's out of the box. it all depends on your ultimate goals i guess.

    The real question here is who takes aluminum heads off their car to but stock steel heads back on?? Just curious...
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  8. Nick, he's selling the car and as you know, you don't get the $$ back for performance parts,. I'm going to give him a set of E7's I have in swap and $800
  9. my buddy had edlebrocks on his 351 just with an X cam, that thing ran strong as crap!!
  10. his pushrods might not fit your application
  11. he's got a stock deck block and the pushrods must be the right length for the heads but obviously that will be checked.
  12. If that's the case then you better go over there and get them! Brilliant actually, I would have cut my losses.
  13. Yes buy them! Those are exactly like mine. I paid $800 for them slightly used last summer. You did better than me because the RR's and pushrods are included. I had to buy them afterwards.
    I love them! Mated up to the TF stage 1 cam, Holley Systemax intake and 12psi, it can be quite a handful.;)
  14. is he reusing the old gaskets and slapping it back together for the next poor soul, or spending the $100 for new gaskets and doing it right
  15. Curious are TFS 170's good for a 347 n/a??
  16. Silly goose... didn't we establish that you need a Vortech ;)
    maybe he has cometics....:D
  17. If you're intent on building a 347 I'd buy the new tfs 190-205cc heads.
  18. i'd go bigger then 170's if your buying new definitely
  19. :lol:
    i'm sooo on the
  20. in your case if your boosting a stock block, just kep what you have