Yes Or No On Edelbrock Heads

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  1. my question to the OP is, if these heads are in good shape, and they are $800, why are you asking if you should buy them rather than bragging about getting a great deal on edelbrock heads? if it were me, i would have been to the bank, gotten the money, and brought a set of decent stock heads as well as a gasket set and a torque wrench to help the guy swap heads.
  2. its not too late, he still has them :D

  3. Uh, wasn't bragging so I don't know where you are coming from. Did someone piss in your cereal today? But thanks for suggestion and have anice day.
  4. Part of the reason is because they're Eddy heads, not TFS or AFR. It seems that TFS and AFR are so highly bragged about that if you have or want something different than the other sheep you need to seem hesitant about the purchase, talk quietly or hide the fact that you have them.

    I love Edelbrock and anyone else that owns them have nothing but great things to say about them. However, if it's not TFS or AFR then your not in the cool kids tree house and I'm fine with that. That's my opinion based on a lot of reading on SN.
  5. He's not saying you are bragging. He's asking why haven't you bought them and begun to brag about the good deal on these heads?
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  6. Oh... gotcha.. no not here to brag about it. I'll post pics when I get them ...the guy is about 2 hours away and they are still on his car.

    Apologies if I misunderstood.
  7. I'm not trying to start anything here but there is more to the AFR/TFS heads vs "the others" than the "cool kids" factor. Eddy heads seem to work fine other than some valve train issues(E-street's for example) 800$ for some performers with extras and low use =:nice:
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  8. yeah...... stop bragging and get the danged heads already. I wish I had a set of Eddy, AFR, or TW heads. You guys are just rich snobs!!!
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  9. But you win the most bad @$$ profile pic hands down!
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  10. I wish I had a new paint job!
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  11. I agree with you he looks like a badasss Samuel L Jackson, but then I looked at the pic again and it looks like the guy has white fluffy balls on his chin..:eek:
  12. Is that the"rent's too damn high" guy that ran for NYC mayor? I love that guy...

    And if I were rich, I wouldn't be scrounging for used heads. I'd be buying a set of worked TFS R heads and a Dart block, and a kit from Woody. lol.. I don't have that Mad Mike money tree in the back yard...
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  13. I mail ordered my money tree...they say it should ship any day!!
  14. LOL! It's rented
    Yep that's him. If I were rich, worked TFSR heads on top of my dart block with the Woody kit in my TTop 86 GT would only be one of the bad ass rides in my garage that fits 20 cars! One can only dream....
    I'll be waiting too!
  15. even if i had the money to buy anything i wanted anytime i wanted, $800 for a set of edelbrock heads in good shape is too good of a deal to pass up. i wouldnt even care if they were chevy heads and i was offered them. i could sell them to a chevy guy and make a few dollars.
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  16. Who needs a money tree when I'm making .01% interest on my bank accounts!! I'm rich biiiotch!
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  17. Well let's not get crazy. Chevy heads? I couldn't get them near the house. My garage would reject them like a bad kidney. All the other Ford parts would beat them up.
  18. Hey asked my buddy bout his 351 set up and 1/8 mile. He had an X cam, Vic jr heads, TF intake, chip etc, 7.4 sec 1/8 mile.
  19. @Noobz347 @84Ttop @A5literMan @srthis

    Didn't want to start a new thread so I figured I'd highjack my own thread

    Trying to piece together the parts for the H/C/I swap coming up

    Was wondering what timing gear set you guys like. Haven't bought a set in 15 years and used to just buy the old Cloyes double roller or FRPP one. Went to the Summit racing site and saw 56 different ones from 30 to 200. lol The rollermasters are nice but $200?

    For Head gaskets, the guy I have used for 20+ years for machining my engine parts and working the heads is telling me the cometic gaskets are the new must have ones. I always used to use the Felpro 8458pt2 or 9333pt1. Says he has been using cometics and loves them. but $80 a piece...ouch

    Have ported Exlporer intake
    70MM Tb
    Ford Shorty headers- yeah I know get LT but these will have to work for now
    Just bought a PRO M 75MM bullet MAF and matching SVO 30Lb injectors $225 off CL local

    Rest of the parts I'm assemblying are

    Still need to buy
    ARP head bolts ARp-154-3601 or: ARP 154-3605 .. Edelbrock recommends ARP #254-3708 $160?
    Tough Stuff polished water pump 1594NE $110
    Pioneer 872030 Balancer $160
    Head gaskets- cometic C5514-040 $80 each or Fel pro 8548 pt2 $20 each
    Intake gaskets- Felpro FEL-MS93334 $10 or Edelbrocks 7220 $25
    Exhaust gasket- Felpro 1415 $20 or Edelbrock 7228 $25
    Intake, timing cover, VC, other bolts - SS $75
    Chrome timing pointer $25
    Chrome dipstick tube $10
    Spark Plugs RC12YC - cross reference to autolite 3924
    Cam? 300 or so for FTI cam unless someone can talk me into a comp cam OTS or TFS 1
    Timing gear and chain
    Timing gasket set
    Figure with $800 for the heads, rockers, and pushrods around $2000 total or so + fluids and misc junk

    Gonna make the engine all purty and polish out the timing cover
    Chrome Valve covers to replace my polished ones

    Did I miss anything? Anything you guys would change?

    I'm already budgeting for a silverfox VB, trans cooler and new converter and 1 piece input shaft when this motor proves too much for the AOD. lol
  20. Hell I didn't know your account had posting privileges. I just always scroll through a thread and see you "liking" everything and then you disappear into the night. I feel like I've caught you in the wild right now
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