YES!! She is fixed!!!(for real this time!!!!)

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by mity2, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. yep. After almost month of down and many agny later, she is finally up and running on her own!!!! Almost no probrem this time around. no chatter, no sqweeling TOB!!! i ahven't taking ut for real test drive yet(i just drove up and down on my street), but looks like small issue i have is totally unrelated. igot rubbing noise coming from right behind steering wheel. But thats some wire pulling. i can fix that without taking LT out(that sucked. you try taking header in and out X2 in week and half:notnice: )

    Many thanks to those who helped me out(especially Blackink00:hail2: )
  2. :cheers: to dragon!
  3. king cobra clutch this time around?
  4. that's awesome.. take it for a real test drive and let us know!
  5. Glad to hear everything worked out!:nice:
  6. So since your now an expert on LT installs lol, whats the best way to do it? Drop K? jack up engine?
    Anyways congrats man glad to hear the tranny thing is fixed lol.
  7. thank you, thank you, i would like to thank all the small people that made this all possible. for my peers telling me to never give up. and to our lord and savior for making KB and the LS1. :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    what am i going to do now?
    go to disney land. :D
  8. ya i took LT on and off total of 3 times in 2 weeks.
    Drop K! it might look like take some time, but considering how long it takes you to take starter off without drop K-member(frankly, i'm not sure how people does it without it), and how long it'll take to tighten some of the upper corner header bolts without dropping K-member off, you save no time by keep K-member in there. it'll prolly take longer infact.

    Dropping K-member isn't really hard at all. it just look intimidating. But its really not.
    only hard part really is just move K-member around by yourself, as i have no friend to help me out.

    Just make sure you mark everything, so that when you reinstall everything, your aligment is right on
  9. for the starter you have to take a long extention liek 2ft. and go through the motor mounts and youll have a straight shot at the starter. also i said i'll help you out with the tranny project mity2. ol buddy ol pal
  10. king Cobra it is. really nice clutch. smooth engagement, and NO chatter. will see how well it'll hook once i brake it in. i still like to finish making the video that i started almost month ago
  11. Thanks mity2 that settles it then. Im dropping my K when we do this....but true to form the stock stuff will not be going back on :D . I going to buy an entire tubular front end with coil overs and everything so I dont have to drop the k member anymore when I pull the LTs for inspection. :banana: Ill also take off a good 70 pounds off while im at it. (mild steel from PA I think is what I was recommended....ill have to digup my thread over at MD...)
  12. no i meant like phisycal help, like help lifting K-member in place while i get bolts started and hold A arm in polace while i look for right size socket and such.

    U helped me out alot. in Technical part dude
  13. good job :nice: keep us posted
  14. Congrats Mity2! :nice: Man, you've got to have a lot of patience to go through what you have in the last month and not have hammer marks on the side of your Mustang. :D
  15. Glad to hear everything worked out, Mity2 !
  16. Hmmm, I did not know BlackInk00 was that technically knowledgable... Interesting... Note to self: be nicer to blackink00 :D
  17. no no hammer mark on side of the car. there mainly on the wall of garage, and on garbage can and few other places.:nice:

    Note to future frustraters - if you whack lid of the Rubbermade garbage can really hard with 24mm open end wrench, it baunce back and hit you in your chest. trust me on this one:(

  18. ouch

    I have yet to do this

    I prefer smashing the wood shelves in my garage with a monkey wrench or hammer thats laying around. this usually helps to get out my frustration

    glad to hear everything worked out
  19. :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh: :lol: That's funny mity2! Glad you found other things to bash! :nice:
  20. It's about damn time you got that thing running again...! :stick:
    Hey, seriously, glad to hear...and hope you like the KC clutch as much as we do. :nice: :cheers: